Like minded groups and websites

These pages have links to groups and websites that promote views and have objectives similar to ours.

We have tried to sort them according to the different areas in which we are involved.

You can access the pages from the pull down menu under Links across the top of the site.

If there are other websites you think we should link to please let us know by commenting on this page.

One Response to Like minded groups and websites

  1. J Plmer says:

    Just discovered this website: is a grassroots action group of ordinary people based in the Hunter Valley, Australia. We freely dedicate our time to taking action in defence of our planet and the environmental rights of all.

    We are particularly focused on the climate crisis, with escalating greenhouse pollution from fossil fuel companies threatening our future, impacting first and foremost on those across the globe who have caused the least pollution. Today, the world’s least privileged are also facing false solutions to climate change, such as carbon trading, offsets, unconventional resource extraction, monoculture plantations and the nuclear industry, all of which carry a heavy environmental cost.

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