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NEWS FROM BENTLEY 21st May – Sledge

Bentley Victory Day

……………..Time to party! Thursday 15th May 2014
Democracy is not dead in NSW !

Today at 7:10 AM the Resources Minister Anthony Roberts announced the state has suspended the licence for Metgasco to drill the exploration test well at Bentley because they have failed to bring the community onside. A large contingent of NSW Police (said to be about 900) were already on the way and the people’s blockade was in the last stages of preparations to resist the gas mining invasion when the community opposition (more than 90%) was finally recognised and the whole confrontation avoided.
 The blockade support village called Liberty Camp which grew up on the property neighbouring the proposed drill site from January erupted in celebration.  Community relief is reflected all over the Northern Rivers as opposition was widespread and thousands of residents had their bags packed to join the Bentley  protectors , putting their lives on hold for a cause of massive and overwhelming importance to the future for themselves and generations to come. There will be shouting, dancing and singing around the region to celebrate this historic victory for people power. The war against invasive gas mining is far from over, but for now… enjoy!
Northern Rivers Guardians have been in the forefront of this amazing event, so let’s be proud and celebrate!
I’ll be at Bentley today.
Love to you all,
NRG President

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