Human Sign Byron Bay

Video taken by Jimmy Malecki of the human sign against coal seam gas mining.
Stand in the Sand

The human sign against coal seam gas mining at Byron bay on 29 May.

Here are some pics of the Stand in the Sand at Byron Bay today (29/5/11) also by Jimmy.

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  2. Ann Bennett says:

    Good work. Maybe we’ll see some of you guys at Murwillumbah “Lock the Gate” Alliance on May 11 an 12

  3. Graeme Innes says:

    Great to see the in formation is finally being realised and people are finally acting in the best interest of the country and not simply reflecting on the contents of their wallets! I’m presently in Switzerland looking for international avenues to promote the cause but sense that the promise of big money is the lure for all these organisations not the genuine wellbeing of the general populace (witness the conflict in world soccer)…..Comfort and social status appear to be the drivers of all Government organisations, so our world community representatives mostly work in well packaged organisations whose contents are often toxic so IT’S UP TO YOU……some similarities with the Middle East perhaps?

  4. Tia paton says:

    Wishing so much that I could have been there but keeping up to date on the progress of this fight from afar ,in France, however my daughter was there to protest and on our behalf.. keep fighting people its a fight so worth fighting for !!

  5. Thanks for having me. I nearly wet myself a couple of times leaning out to take the photos. For the planet though it’s worth it! Keep up the amazing work for our environment NRG!

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  8. Christopher Dean says:

    Special thanks that random guy who flew the chopper. Nice work.
    I flashed on the huge protests against Iraq that were ignored. Then I realized the difference. This time the battle is right here in our home garden. We will stop this without any doubt. It is not just up to politicians directing troops 10000 km away. This time we have a real say. Cheers for the great turnout. The paradigm of how we get resources from this earth is shifting and our pollies need to wake up fast to the global shift.

  9. Monica Englund says:

    We were there! At the top of the G! Pram, friends and everything 🙂

  10. Kate Cochrane says:

    Well well well done, Thankyou, love your work….x

  11. Eric Doriean says:

    Awesome. Congratulations. Wish I could of been there..

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