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NRG Monthly Meeting 11.00 – 1.00 Saturday 17th March

March 17 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

>>>>Attention Hi NRG people,

Pls note the next meeting starts at 1100 not at noon.

Cheers, Sledge

Northern Rivers Guardians (NRG) Meeting Agenda

Date: Saturday 17 Feb 2018

Location: Mavis’s Kitchen, Mt Warning Road, near Uki

Meeting commenced at 12pm and Sledge acknowledged the Traditional Custodians

Present: Sledge, Bernadine, Joyce, Geoff, Marian, Gwyn, Alexis, Bill Fenelon, Alexis, Daniele, Susie, Richard, Bruce, Rainer, Menkit, Dave, Hazel, Dee .

Apologies: Suzanne, Lyn, Chris Bush, Reenie, Marie, Bill West,Wayne, John and Kirsten.

New Member: Jennie Dell approved AIF

Minutes: from 20th January 2018 Meeting: All approved. Bernadine taking Minutes

Business Arising:

· 1. How can we be more effective? Alexis / Bernadine.
Nothing to report until we receive a reply from Rainbow Ridge School. Alexis is waiting for a reply from the Byron Steiner School.
Report on echo shopping bags printed with NRG logo (for sale at $5/ $4 for ten or more).
Bernadine has been unwell but will canvas shops in Nimbin to be plastic bag free.
Regular news columns. Send to Sledge or Dee for editing.
2. Tweed Koalas:
Black Rocks: Menkit and Dave.
TSC Koala Management will be participating in a survey of the Northern Rivers to determine populations and habitats of koalas. Grids of 5 x5 metres will be mapped out with the intention of a conservation strategy to protect these areas. A workshop on diseased koalas will be available, for information www.northcoastkoala.net. Thanks to Dave’s persistence, the proposed Black Rock Men’s shed community function will not be held at the sports field but instead will be held at Sea Breeze. Friends of Koalas have received funding to improve facilities in Lismore.

Limpinwood: Reenie, Sledge and Susie.
Susie informed us that the EPA completed it’s report on Limpinwood and it states that no Laws have been broken. Katie Milne and TSC are pursuing the landholder John Fish through the Crown Lands trust and the possible purchase of this land through the Bio Diversity Conservation Fund. The exquisite forest should not be logged and TSC need to do PH Testing in the Upper and Lower Creek to determine the effects from logging.
a. The NSW state government has failed: ACTION
Contact politicians (Govt & ALP shadows) re surveys and possible purchase of the land connected to wildlife corridors. TSC to put in GIPA request for the Hewitville PNFA plans.
b. Sledge to contact Katie Milne and ask who will pay for a wildlife survey of the Hewittville property. Contact with Ngarakwal Elders: Rob Williams is an Elder of the Ngarakwal People and has stated that there are likely Aboriginal Heritage sites in the area and Limpinwood holds as a special place in their Cultural History.
c. ACTION: On-line petition: Susie is managing this petition.
d. NvDA skills share organised for 10am to 4pm on 10th March at rotunda in M/bah park near Red Cross Hall. Allen Roberts and Ruth Rosenhek are the facilitators. NCEC funding.
e. Boorman’s Road – Facebook site: Limpinwood Logging Non-Violent Direct Action Group

· 3. Tweed Council Watch: Water management and aquifers- Gwyn
Gwyn is emailing all TSC councillors in regards to sub standard conditions already apparent on Rowland’s Creek Road and if possible he will do his own survey on the vehicle numbers on a daily basis. Danny Rose of TSC has said that the water trucks will be allowed .

LEP needs to be amended to ban commercial water mining, not just “bottling.” Rowland’s Creek DA decision deferred. The two pending DA’s may be exempted from the changes to the LEP, to be raised at the next TCS meeting? Karlos family at Urliup has appealed to the L & E Court.
Gwyn’s correspondence with the LEP has informed him that they are seeking legal advice regarding the sub standard roads and they still intend to recommend against the Water Licenses.
Action: members to contact TSC Reece and GM Troy Green.

· 4. NRG stall at local markets – Bernadine:
Bernadine is willing to do go to a market on a monthly basis but will need assistance. Bernadine has been having a difficult patch with her health and hasn’t been able to attend the Markets and has had no offers of assistance when she can attend. Bill Fenelon is going to if possible organise a joint stall with NRRAG and NRG at Murwillumbah Farmers markets on Wednesdays at the showground.
5. Stop Adani/ actions: Dave/ Sledge
January: More NR people are demonstrating at the Queensland Adani site so a suggestion has been proposed to organise an NVDA workshop for the Tweed. The Frontline Action Against Coal are using some of their funds to assist legal fees from activists being arrested in Bowen. NRG will discuss at the next meeting whether we will donate funds towards this cause.

6. NRRAG: Bill Fenelon.
a. NRRAG is organising a stall at the Murwillumbah Farmers Markets and will do a door to door survey to assess the popularity of a rail system in the Tweed/Byron area.
b. The day after the Uki presentation by NRRAG Doug Anthony announced with Reece Byrnes and Warren Polglase his support for the Rail Trail. Katie Milne and Chris Cherry persisted in opposing the Rail Trail and deserve our appreciation for their courage. The vote was 4-2 in favour unfortunately. A protest march was organised at Murwillumbah, with very little notice but still drew a crowd of 150. A late motion allowed for tenders to include tracks and trail side by side.
7. Tweed River Management Committee: Bill Fenelon
Fingal Head Communities Association are concerned about no speed limits on the river causing backwash from jet skis and speed boats. Thanks to Katie Milne a ramp for the disabled has been built so they can gain access to the river. A crane will also be installed.

8. Campaign to make the Northern Rivers towns plastic bags free – Deferred

9. Kingscliff urban expansion: Marion – Deferred


General account: $ 2,352.76

Legal account: $1,740.57

Petty cash: $95.00

Sale of Bags: $165.00

Membership: $680.00

Fund Raising: $100.00

Hat Donation: $34.00
Report was moved by Geoff and Daniele seconded. Approved AIF

Note: Insurance will soon be due again and we will report only membership that is “financial.”

President’s Report: Sledge

· Regional Forests Agreements – under review. Please send submissions

· Trains v. road v. cycle ways – public wants all transport options

· Support for Forests and NEFA (flyers) ACTION: Please keep writing to NSW government asking for an end to logging native forests. ALP Shadow minister= Penny Sharpe penny.sharpe@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Letters to/ from Politicians:
Ask NSW MPs for support to retain rail line esp, Shooters, Fisher and Farmers:
Robert Borsak MLC robert.borsak@parliament.nsw.gov.au
Robert Brown MLC robert.brown@parliament.nsw.gov.au

1) Look for report on future of Tweed rural land yoursaytweed.com.au/rurallandstrategy
2) 5th February: Stop Adani protest etc during opening of Parliament in Canberra.
3) 16th February: Submissions close on making the Festival Site at North Byron permanent:
www.majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/page/on-exhibition/ maybe not too late.
4) 22nd February 2018 Stop Adani film nights at Nimbin and Brunswick Picture House. New film “STOP ADANI: A MIGHTY FORCE”. 6pm, at Birth and Beyond, 54 Cullen st Nimbin and also at Brunswick Heads.
4) 4th March- 1-4 PM in Lismore workers Club. NEFA, NCEC,NRG, NEC, LEC, NNIC, WIRES, AJP and every other acronym we can think of be in attendance.
5) 17th March – Free Koala watch workshop – 9.30am to 12.30pm at Canvas and Kettle Room, M/bah TSC Council Chambers.
6) 24th March: ”Time2Choose” Rally against Fossil Fuel Pollution in Sydney. Transport available – funding is available through NEC and a bus will also be supplied.
7) Rally for Rail early in 2018. For more information contact Lydia Kindred, Vice President, NRRAG. Members contact her on 0422007724.
Meeting closed at 2pm

Next Meeting: Saturday 17th March 2018 from 12pm at Mavis’s Kitchen, Mt Warning Road near Uki.
Note: due to other commitments the March meeting will start at 11 am (1100)


March 17
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Mavis’s Kitchen
Mount Warning Road