See The Pilliga

Come and See It For Yourself, April 13th-15th

The Pilliga, located near Narrabri in NSW, is a vast and precious oasis in a sea of cleared land, a million wild acres of forest with an amazing diversity of wildlife.

And now its under enormous threat. Come and get the full story for yourself. See first hand the damage caused by coal seam gas exploration to date and the extraordinary forest now at risk from a vast industrial gas field.

Armidale Action on Coal Seam Gas is leading a tour of the Pilliga from 13th-15th April. We will be staying at Pilliga Pottery – accommodation options include share houses or camping, and there are kitchen facilities and a cafe.

Come and see it for yourself, get informed, feed what you learn back into your local campaign, and spread the word about the the precious natural values at risk in the Pilliga. Bookings are essential
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