Voting Habits of the 2012-2016 Council


Mayor Barry Longland is Tweed Shire Council’s ‘wild card’ who has publically committed to ‘protect our environment’ yet often makes key decisions to the contrary.

Of the seven councillors, three consistently vote pro-environment (Cr Milne, Cr Bagnall, Cr Armstrong – although occasionally Cr Armstrong votes the other way) and three consistently vote anti-environment (Cr Polglase, Cr Youngblutt, Cr Byrne – with occasional votes the other way). Mayor Longland’s vote, therefore, can be a critical factor in whether or not an environmentally oriented motion gets through.

The following is a list of council meetings demonstrating his failure to protect our precious area. In red are motions where his vote tipped the scales for/against the environment. We rejoice when he votes in favour of an environmentally friendly motion! Unfortunately it’s never reliably so.

You can find Council Minutes at click on ‘Council Meetings’ and then scroll down to the month and underneath the Items are the Minutes which you can download and read.

Voting Trends of TSC-December 2014

Voting Trends of TSC-September 2014

Voting Trends of TSC-May 2014

Voting Trends of TSC-April 2014

Voting Trends of TSC-March 2014

Voting Trends of TSC-February 2014

Voting Trends of TSC-January 2014

Voting Trends of TSC-December 2013

Voting Trends of TSC-May 2013

Voting Trends of TSC-April 2013

Voting Trends of TSC-March 2013

Voting Trends of TSC-Feb 2013

Voting Trends of TSC-Jan 2013

Voting Trends of TSC-December 2012

Voting Trends of TSC-November 2012

Voting Trends of TSC-October 2012

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