Democracy under threat

As a result of secret back room deals it was announced in September 2008 by Events NSW (an arm of the New South
Wales government) that Repco Rally Australia would run the Australian leg of the World Rally Championships
in the Tweed Valley and Kyogle areas in 2009 and every second year to 2017 (with the option of a 10 year extension).

The NSW government has introduced, at the request of the Paris-based FIA,
"special legislation"
that takes away from local Councils the power to approve or reject the proposed Repco Rally Australia.

The legislation overrides many state laws designed to protect the environment and local communities:

  • Environmental Planning & Assessment Act
  • Local Government Act
  • National Parks  & Wildlife Act
  • Water Management Act
  • Motor Vehicle Sports (Public Safety) Act
  • Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act
  • Roads Act
  • Road Transport (General) Act
  • Protection of the Environment Operations Act ... removal of noise limitations
  • Fisheries Act

    The legislation allows the Minister to delegate any of his functions under the Act (except the power to delegate)
    to any NSW public servant or Council employee - and they are immune from challenge or complaint for their actions!

    The legislation also gives unwarranted indemnity to public servants for anything they do in organising the rally
            - even for deliberate breaches this law or denial of natural justice.

    The legislation removes the right to challenge Ministerial decisions or the legislation in the courts.

    The legislation removes Common Law rights to take legal action against the organisers for "Nuisance"

    The legislation is a direct attack on local decision making and our democratic rights.

Environment under threat  

This region now under threat has been recently included in The Federal Governments 'National Landscapes  program' along with Kakadu, Uluru and other national iconic landscapes.
'The Green Cauldron', as it is now offically named,  has the second (to Daintree) greatest biodiversity of any area in Australia. It is promoted to tourists as an environmentally sensitive "green" place.  People live here because of these features.   The proposed car rally is inconsistent with these moves to develop a thriving eco-tourism industry which will provide long-term sustainable growth and real employment.

If the car rally gets the green light it means:

native animals will be at risk (interrupted breeding cycle, stress related death, hit by cars, etc)
national parks will be used for racing at speeds in excess of 160 km/hr
cars will speeding on gravel and dirt roads in the area
roads will be closed in the area - affecting resident access
dirt roads will be left as they are
dangerous driving will increase placing local people and wildlife at risk
secret back room deals will take precedence over local wishes
the long term prospects for developing a sustainable eco-tourism industry will be placed at risk.

                    If you think it could not happen to you or your community then think again!!!

Download the BACKGROUND BRIEFING sent to all Members of the NSW Parliament