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No Rally Group media release

Sunday, August 29 2010

Review rearview: A lost opportunity for a leap of faith 

The No Rally Group (NRG) has been approached by the Homebush Motor Racing Authority (HMRA) to work with them to help ensure the smooth return of the World Rally Championship to the Northern Rivers in September 2011. 

The overtures to join a working group were made at a meeting between the two groups held in Murwillumbah on Friday. 

As a result of that meeting NRG has affirmed its commitment to support sustainable and community focussed events in the Northern Rivers. 

In doing so the group restated its total opposition to the running of a round of the World Rally Championship through the Northern Rivers. 

The rally ran in September last year through parts of Tweed and Kyogle Shires and is scheduled to return every second year for up to twenty years. 

“What part of No don’t they understand?” spokesperson Michael McNamara asked. 

“We are the No Rally Group – not the Least Worst Rally Group.” 

“Recently released figures on local tourism show that the rally and the related broadcasts around the world have not led to the touted increase in overseas tourists claimed by rally organisers.” 

“Figures for the March quarter recently made public by Tweed Tourism revealed that overseas visitor numbers and overnight stays in the Tweed had actually dropped in the first three months of this year.” 

“The rally has certainly not led to the claimed increase in visitors – and they can’t blame the global economic downturn because it was here when they made their claims.” 

“It has been amply demonstrated that low impact, sustainable events can make a major and lasting contribution to the local economy without causing the massive social division associated with the rally,” Mr McNamara said. 

“For instance, the recent surf life saving championships at Kingscliff attracted more visitors than the claimed (and misleading) attendance figures for the rally.”

 “Events such as the Tyalgum Festival of Classical Music, the Banana Festival in Murwillumbah, the Tour de Tweed cycling event, the Kingscliff Triathlon and the Surf Life Saving Championships show the way forward.” 

“Other local initiatives coming forward through groups such as the Caldera Institute for Sustainable Community Development will have a lasting impact on local economic wellbeing.” 

“I challenge the Council and the state government to take the lead in establishing and supporting this type of event instead of the divisive and questionable type of event the rally represents.” 

The HMRA representatives, CEO Bryan Hardman and General Manager Stakeholder Relations Chris Bastic, were sent to the Northern Rivers by State Treasurer, and Minister responsible for the rally, Eric Roozendaal, to discuss the recently released review of the rally with stakeholders. 

“It came as quite a surprise when the last thing they wanted to talk about was the review,” Mr McNamara said. 

“It was ‘the elephant in the room’ and they certainly did not want to talk about it.” 

“They were obviously aware of its shortcomings.”

The review report is full of judgements and perjorative statements and claims without any discussion or evidence to back them up.”

“It is lacking in any detailed or deep analysis of the submissions received. The analysis seems to be limited to counting the numbers for and against.”

“Undue weight is given to the opinions of those with vested financial interests in the rally proceeding (RRA, Events NSW, Chambers of Commerce etc).”

“The report refers to costs but does not specify them - we are none the wiser about the actual costs of staging the event.”

“The report continues the absolute exclusion of Aboriginal people in the Tweed from any consultation.”

Mr Hardman and Mr Bastic proposed that all the ‘mistakes’ of the last 12 months be put behind us and start with a ‘clean slate’ in organising next year’s event.”

“This proposition flies in the face of reason and common sense,” said Mr McNamara. 

“If you want to start with a clean slate, then first you must clean the slate.” 

“How do we put behind us the lies and deception that characterised the organisation and running of the rally?” 

“They want us to sit at the table with the very people who have ridden roughshod over this area for the last 18 months without any steps being taken to redress the harm that has been done to this community.” 

“We had no choice but to reject the overtures.” 

“Community trust was destroyed by the rally organisers and the state government last year.” 

“The government needs to start to rebuild that trust.” 

“We have asked them to start rebuilding that trust by: 

·         publicly releasing the amount of the public funds given to rally organisers by Events NSW

·         releasing the total cost to the taxpayer of the support from government departments and agencies such as Police, Ambulance, RTA, Fire and other services

·         impartially enforcing what laws remain in place after the ‘special legislation’

·         funding a comprehensive ecological study that considers the impact of stress on native wildlife, the impact of running the event in the breeding season and the cumulative impacts of running the event every two years for up to twenty years

·         holding the rally organisers accountable to their promises and commitments

·         commissioning a truly independent and comprehensive cost-benefit analysis

·         admitting that the published attendance figures are misleading and publishing a more realistic estimate of visitor numbers

·         taking action against rally drivers and supporters for breaches of traffic laws during the event.” 

“We made the point to the HMRA representatives that our group had spent much time and effort last year meeting with them to discuss options for a genuinely independent and thorough review – all to no effect.” 

“We also pointed out that we had initiated meetings with police to develop a protest protocol and liaison process that agreed on specific legal protest actions, only to see police acting in a very partisan way.” 

“The police actions and inactions of that weekend have formed the basis of a formal complaint to the Ombudsman which has led to a review of police actions.” 

“After releasing a pathetically inadequate and gratuitously insulting review report, I find it hard to comprehend that HMRA should think it is ‘business as usual.’” 

“No Rally Group supports appropriate development and opposes inappropriate development and sees the rally as a specific example of the latter.” 

“One reason the rally gained traction in the public mind and in the media is that it represents, for many in this community, everything that is wrong with planning and development in NSW in general and the Tweed Shire in particular.” 

“I assure the many community members who have supported us in this struggle that we will continue to oppose the rally with every legal means at our disposal,” Mr McNamara said.



Rally Review Raises Questions
Northern Rivers Echo, 26 August 2010  PDF 1   PDF2

Formula one 'hoon' Lewis Hamilton cops $500 fine over Grand Prix burnout Megan Levy August 24, 2010 - 11:48AM

Review on rally ‘rubbery' Patrick Williams | 23rd August 2010 

Rally Review Tabled: Homebush Motor Racing Authority media release (embargoed till 5PM the day before the federal election)

No Rally Group on the attack

Sporting clubs complaint supported

Clubs want rally cars off fields
Peter Caton | 6th August 2010

Community still opposed to WRC Rally in Rainbow Region



No Rally Group media release: Rubbery figures

Monday August 23 2010

‘Minister for State Development Eric Roozendaal, who inherited the portfolio for State Development from the ill-starred Ian MacDonald, tabled the World Rally Championship review in Parliament late on Friday afternoon when Parliament is not even sitting, the day before the Federal election,’ No Rally Group spokesperson Andrea Vickers said.

‘The media release was made available at 5pm, and the review was posted on the Homebush Motor Racing Authority website (http://hmra.nsw.gov.au/publications/Pages/default.aspx) at 7pm. The Treasurer really couldn’t have behaved more cynically if he had tried, or found a more effective way to undermine trust with community stakeholders. It’s clear they don’t have enough faith in the contents of the report to be prepared to expose it to media scrutiny.’

‘The review summary says that the government will ensure the views of all the community will be taken into account in planning for the next event, and that Homebush Motor Racing Authority representatives will meet with stakeholders as soon as possible to discuss the recommendations.’

‘If they are so concerned about the views of community members who oppose the rally, they certainly have a strange way of showing it.’

‘With respect to the review itself, I hope the government didn't pay much for this report, because it’s not worth much.’

‘The report summary speaks highly of the rally and its impacts on our region, but it does not address any of the concerns we have raised about the probity of the economic assessment of the event. Undue weight is given to the opinions of those with vested financial interests in the rally proceeding: Rally Australia, Events NSW, and the Tweed and Kyogle Chambers of Commerce.'

‘Most of the claims about the rally’s so called benefits were drawn from information supplied by Rally Australia and Events NSW. Neither of these organisations has earned any points with the Northern Rivers community.’

‘Rally Australia’s community consultation process was a total charade, and their attendance figures as cited in the report are as dubious as ever for locals who saw how few people were actually around on the rally weekend. The figure of 86,000 ticket sales especially should be viewed in the context of each event patron receiving multiple stage passes.’

‘They claimed the rally would increase tourism in the long term, but as per Tweed Tourism’s recent report, tourism numbers are actually down compared to this time last year.

‘Events NSW has demonstrated contempt for their own approval guidelines, or perhaps gross incompetence, in agreeing to fund the event in the first place, and has been trying to save face ever since. They claimed they did not underwrite the event, but were not prepared to supply the actual figures.’

‘Two independent reviewers are cited as saying that the estimates of economic benefit were overstated, particularly at the regional level (p11).’

‘The report reads as a document designed to promote the event. It does not include a cost-benefit analysis despite many calls for one. It keeps us in the dark as to the real economic situation regarding the rally. It acknowledges the social impacts of the rally, but attempts to lay the blame on residents who opposed the event.’

‘The other serious error in the report is the desperate attempt to distort the facts in order to represent community opposition to the rally as marginal.’

The report’s author, Mike Cahill of Integrated Marketing Communications, repeatedly describes objectors to the rally as a ‘tiny minority’, despite also stating that 190 out of the 256 submissions received were anti-rally. He also variously describes objectors as ‘dug in’, ‘zealous’ and ‘media savvy’.

‘The report cites a Kyogle Shire Council survey that found a majority of the population there supported the event. It inaccurately extrapolates these figures to the whole region, despite the fact that opposition is much greater in Tweed Shire than in Kyogle. Why wasn’t a formal survey conducted in Tweed? Because the council didn’t want an inconvenient answer that proved public opinion conflicted with their support for the rally.’

‘The only poll that was run here, by the Tweed Daily News, supported anecdotal evidence that a vast majority of residents oppose the rally’s return. In that case, the figure was 75%. Interestingly, this mirrors the proportion of anti-rally versus pro-rally submissions received by the review.'

A more accurate and unbiased perspective on local opposition to the rally can be found in the report by Southern Cross University’s Centre for Tourism, Leisure and Work:


‘Mr Cahill described the public review meeting held in Murwillumbah in February as being populated by around 183 ‘activists’. Using this sort of language to describe a gathering of concerned residents is distortion of the highest order. It totally discredits any shred of neutrality this report had hoped to claim.’

’Residents who opposed the rally are considered activists by definition by the author of the report.’

‘Ironically, in that the review only specifically recommends the removal of the stage that was stopped by activists, it telegraphs to residents that of all the kinds of opposition that they tried, the effective one was activism.’

‘The review's claim that "universally they (anti rally people) demonstrated ... little empathy for working people" (p23) is particularly rich given that No Rally Group’s membership includes doctors, teachers, nurses, legal workers, education workers, self employed business people, tourism operators, tourist accommodation managers, senior public servants, and the list goes on.’

‘The report contrasts the stated 300-person active membership of the combined anti-rally organisations with the overall population of the shire, in an attempt to dismiss the numbers as meaningless. Everyone knows the number of people who care about an issue is much greater than the number of people who will get actively involved in lobbying. Any politician will tell you that a letter from one person is taken to represent the views of 100 people. By this logic, if we compared the membership of political parties to the number of voters we would take no notice of them. Hang on - we might be better off if we did that.’

‘This attempt to marginalise local opposition undermines any credibility the report might have held.’

‘A media monitoring agency, TNS, has translated broadcast minutes of blurred bushland whizzing by into dollar figures to claim the region received valuable exposure. We would be interested to see the research that supports the validity of this approach. We maintain that there’s no evidence that the broadcasting benefited the locals rather than North One, the company that holds the WRC broadcasting rights.’

‘As per Tweed Tourism’s recent report, tourism numbers are actually down compared to this time last year. This does nothing to support the claim that the broadcasting would increase tourism to the region.’

‘We have always held concerns that in the long run, the rally would actually adversely impact tourism as the rally conflicts with the region’s ecotourism branding. This drop in tourist numbers is an ongoing cost to our community.’

‘There’s more rubber in these figures than the rally chewed through while it was in town.’


No Rally Group hits back at report
Peter Caton | 24th June 2010

Rally delivered 'bang for buck' Steve Spinks | 21st June 2010 VOTE & LEAVE COMMENT

May 28

Link to Trouble in Macdonald Town:

May 27

Rally too divisive says ecologist

Rally divided community

May 24

Rally's green impact not as bad as predicted: expert

May 10

Rally return welcome

May 8
Anti-rally protests to continue 

May 7

Rally to rev up in 2011


Casino may host World Rally

May 3

2011 World Rally Championship Calendar Released!

April 16

Rally Future in Hands of FIA

April 1st
Repco rally to set up a permanent site

March 19th

March 1st
Repco Rally to be reviewed 1st March 2010

February 12th

          Councillors defend secrecy

 February 9th
          Rally protesters didnt throw rocks


February 6th
Residents urged to rev up protest

February 5th
Protesters rally to resume fight

February 4th
Scepticism on Repco Rally review

February 3rd
Repco Rally review

February 2nd
Team tests impact of Repco Rally


January 22nd 2010
FilmNight Fundraiser

Input sought on Repco rally

January 15th 2010
Tweed Daily article pre Film Fundraiser

January 14th 2010
Tweed may feature in rally game

January 7th 2010
Kyogle rallies round Repco 2nd poll

53 million viewed Repco Rally

January 6th 2010
Tweed to hold annual car rally
Monster Stage for 2010 Rally of Queensland



November 25th 2009
Annual Car Rally in Kyogle

Rally future under cloud


November 14th 2009
Moron decision

November 13th 2009
Stateline Report
Grandmother charged over rally graffiti


11 November 2009
Written by Peter Whitten

Rally Australia chairman resigns  

The Director of Rally Australia Pty Ltd, and the Chairman of the Organising Committee, Garry Connelly, has resigned from his position. Connelly has recently been re-elected for a four-year term on the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

Connelly always intended to stand down after the running of the first Rally Australia on the east coast, an event he believes was an outstanding success.

“I have great confidence that the collective abilities of the Board, the Organising Committee and the Sporting Council will ensure that the 2011 event is even better than the 2009 edition,” Connelly said.

“It was a great pleasure to have worked with so many professional and dedicated people and I will still take a very deep interest in the future success of this outstanding motor sport event.”

Connelly’s replacement has not yet been announced.

November 11th 2009
Northern Region leads the State in drink-driving, alcohol-related crashes

November 5th 2009
Road fatality figures keep rising

November 6th 2009
Stateline Reports on Rally

October 8th 2009
No case says Sledge

September 14th 2009
Cops catch P-plater driving 140km/h
Only 'a few' animals died in rally

September 13th 2009
No Koalas Or Threatened Species Killed Or Injured During Repco Rally Australia, Scientists Report

September 12th 2009
After six days of anti-Rally protestor vilification, rock throwing allegations admitted to be false
Nathan Rees sacks rebel ministers Tony Kelly and Ian Macdonald

Rock throwing incident 'a fact'

September 10th 2009
TSE Backburner

Car rally rock attack story false

September 9th 2009
MP wants NSW rally moved to Gold Coast
Katie Milne in the firing line

September 8th 2009
Rally protesters overkill with road kill Ben Dillaway | September 8th, 2009

September 7th 2009
Rally doomed from the start
The green debate is grey area

September 6th 2009
There has been another sensation on the Australian leg of the World Rally Championship ...
Police urge rally fans to leave racing to the professionals as they head home

Australia Leg Hampered By Angry Protesters
Protesters force WRC rally cancellation

September 5th 2009

Cheeky protesters moon rally


Drivers outraged by rally protests Ben Dillaway | September 5th, 2009

Protestors endanger drivers’ lives at Rally Australia
Euan Megson

Rally Oponents Hit back

September 4th 2009

Protesters force WRC rally cancellation

Australia Leg Hampered By Angry Protesters

Police warn of action on protests By David Evans Friday, September 4th 2009, 09:45 GMT

 NBN news story

Police investigations continue after protest activity — Murwillumbah
Friday, 04 Sep 2009 03:11pm

Rally protestor arrested for alleged malicious damage in Murwillumbah September 4, 2009

Loeb defends rally amid protests  By David Evans Friday, September 4th 2009, 00:47 GMT

Police to override unrest at rally Dominic Feain | 4th September 2009

Repco Rally volunteers camp out 4th September 2009

Sorry, it's just my job | September 4th, 2009

Rally track fast and furious, predicts ace Ben Dillaway | September 4th, 2009

September 3rd 2009

Race all set to go and ready to rip Written by Luis Feliu Thursday, 03 September 2009

Protests gathering pace Written by The Tweed Shire Echo  Thursday, 03 September 2009

Letters September 3, 2009 Written by The Tweed Shire Echo Thursday, 03 September 2009  Rally Comment

The world is watching Tweed Patrick Williams | 3rd September 2009

September 2nd 2009

Drivers rally to plant trees Dave Kirkpatrick | 2nd September 2009

WRC » Latvala: Rally Australia schedule a killer!

Frozen koalas may be thrown at rally carsCHRISTINE KELLETTSeptember 2, 2009 - 8:58AM

Rally protesters 'plotting frozen roadkill attack'13:00 AEST Wed Sep 2 20098

1st September 2009

Neal Bates ready to roar Paul Gover September 01, 2009 12:00am

Police encourage responsible behaviour at the inaugural Repco Rally Australia - Operation Palisade
Tuesday, 01 Sep 2009 11:11am

Police ensure motor rally safety in NSWSeptember 1, 2009 - 12:39PM

August 31st 2009


Drivers start arriving

Protesters won't give up fight to stop rally Leonie Brann | 31st August 2009

NSW in rallying call for Repco Samantha Turnbull | August 31st, 2009
WRC powers into regional NSW August 31, 2009 13:50:00

Repco rally vital in tight title tussle Peter Kogoy | August 31, 2009

MOTORSPORT: Rally Oz beats late challenge - Geoffrey Harris

REPCO Rally injunction raced through court up blind alley

Anti-Rally councillor may lose job Peter Caton | 31st August 2009

Close race among World Rally Championship leaders
31 August

August 30th 2009

Protesters clash with business leaders Peter Caton | 30th August 2009

August 29th 2009


Tweed Repco Rally fight continues Ben Dillaway | August 29th, 2009

Rally picks up chase on failed court costs Mel McMillan | 29th August 2009

Milne battles Repco Rally Peter Caton | 29th August 2009

Something big is cooking Christine Tonforf | 29th August 2009

August 28th 2009

Federal court quick to give rally the green light Mel McMillan | 28th August 2009
Katie to go before 'star chamber' Peter Caton | 28th August 2009
Rally court costs could hit $40,000 Aug 28 2009
Police protest at rally 'before the world' 28th August 2009

August 27th 2009
Aboriginal leaders deny rally permission Luis Feliu

Court Asked to Block Event

Letters to the Editor - Echo August 27 2009

Backburner - Tweed Echo 27 August 2009


Racing legends in town 27 August 2009 Tweed Echo

Another bid to muzzle Milne Ken Sapwell Tweed Echo 27 August 2009

Complainants ‘should be known’of Ken Sapwell Tweed Echo 27 August 2009

Ranger threatens fines over sheet-sign protest Christine Tondorf | 27th August 2009

Heavy handed tactic not a real good sign Sue Short | 27th August 2009

Rally helper keen but is it safe? 27th August 2009

Signs for the times27th August 2009

August 26th 2009
No Rally shenanigans: Police
26th August 2009

Proposed protests defy beliefWhat the Bulletin says August 26th, 2009

Oshlack in driving seat to stop rally Mel McMillan | 26th August 2009

25th August 2009
Protesters ask court to block Rally
Alex Easton | 25th August 2009

Protesters line-up for PM
Alex Easton

Protesters put call out to anti-rally supporters

Rally threatens democracy and law as well as animals


24th August 2009
Rally protest plan shot down in flames


August 21, 2009


Put in the picture on threatened species Mel McMillan

Rally Australia entry list released, 45 to start Crashnet

Fourteen days and counting: rally still causing angst The Tweed Shire Echo Thursday

20th August 2009

Councillors off track
Written by The Tweed Shire Echo

Local companies overlooked Backburner, Tweed Echo

Council votes narrowly to support car rally Peter Caton

18th August 2009

Milne may take rally to court Christine Tondorf  Tweed Daily News

17th August 2009

Last-ditch effort to prevent rally Patrick Williams | 17th August 2009

16th August 2009

The Tweed has no need for all that speed

No vroom here mate


Rally will show off glories of the Northern Rivers * August 14, 2009

August 12

Kyogle's tent cities set to take overflow

August 11

Rally boss hits out at 'alarmist' critics

August 8

Group plans protests to disrupt rally

Graham Environmental Report

Graham, MS (July 31, 2009) Impacts on Matters of National Environmental Significance expected to be generated by the proposed Repco Rally


Ambrose Environmental Report

Ambrose, S (August 2, 2009) Comments On The Ecological Impact Assessment Of The Proposed World Rally Championship (Repco Rally Australia) In The Northern Rivers Region Of NSW.

Who are the real Bullies?

media release posted 8 Aug by No Rally

August 7

World rally leg 'threatens' NSW species


August 6

Repco Rally call to Garrett


August 5

No time for rally hoons

Mayor given sick funeral threat

Council staff pinpoint rally problems

Cr Milne tests Council’s media policy


Mayor fronts conduct panel

Gotta serve somebody
Editorial: David Lovejoy

July 30

Is NSW Being Taken For A Ride?


Rally rejects calls for compensation from clubs


Under fire for leaking documents


July 29

WRC the hottest ticket in town


Forced to move for pit lanes


Kyogle squeezed on space



July 28

Rally report flawed: memo


Leaked report warns of koala risk



July 23

Rally adviser to revisit Byrill Creek



Council puts gag on itself



Bid fails to remove Rayner from Rally board



Rally Madness



World Car Rally: What’s all the fuss about next door?



July 21

Interview with Gary Connolly



Push for power over rally routes


July 21, 2009

July 16

Anti-rally protesters target Garrett


Backburner – “Appalling legislation”



July 14

Rayner Breached Code of Conduct

July 9

Garrett hailed and heckled


July 8

Resorts filling up for rally


July 7

Ticket demand shocks Rally Australia


New National Division Guarantees Local Drivers a Start in Repco Rally Australia


July 4

The Tweed Shire general manager's position on the Board of Rally Australia is being questioned once again.


July 3

'Lame duck' mayor loses peer support


GM refuses to quit board


Rayner 'deeply involved' with rally


June 30

Rally hoons take to Byrrill Creek


Rally bill 'erodes rights'

World Heritage listings at risk from inappropriate developments and activities
posted 30 Jun 2009 18:55 by No Rally

Rally legislation introduced to Parliament

posted 20 Jun 2009 21:26 by No Rally

Tripping over themselves
posted 12 Jun 2009 23:57 by No Rally

Repco Rally Australia on the run
posted 8 Jun 2009 19:39 by No Rally   [ updated 8 Jun 2009 19:54 ]

Local voices make themselves heard
posted 8 Jun 2009 19:22 by No Rally   [ updated 8 Jun 2009 19:39 ]

Media Release 24/5/09
posted 24 May 2009 20:07 by No Rally   [ updated 24 May 2009 20:10 ]
  MEDIA RELEASE - 24 MAY 09.doc

Environment Consultant puts a cat among the pigeons
posted 22 May 2009 08:01 by No Rally

Rally Reports available for download
posted 22 May 2009 07:59 by No Rally

Concerns about RRA Reports
posted 22 May 2009 07:58 by No Rally   [ updated 24 May 2009 20:13 ]

MEDIA RELEASE 14/5/09 - Whatever were they thinking?
posted 15 May 2009 22:21 by No Rally   [ updated 15 May 2009 22:35 ]

Rally EIS Announced
posted 14 May 2009 23:02 by No Rally   [ updated 15 May 2009 00:08 ]




Speed on Tweed

posted 20 Jul 2009 20:55 by No Rally   [ updated 20 Jul 2009 22:44 ]

The Tweed Shire Council is set to consider a Development Application (DA) for Speed on Tweed. The previous DA had expired and rally organisers were unable to lodge a variation to cover the rally.

With the donation of $120,000 each 2 years from Council the rally organisers now have to lodge at least one DA - for Speed on Tweed. Our guess is that residents should expect a very different event from what has traditionally run in Murwillumbah.

For instance - don't expect the commitment to support local community groups. This event now has to contribute its share to the costs of staging the rally.


Reply from Events NSW on behalf of Minister Costa ... and Minister Perry ... and Minister ... (yes folks - they are all the same and the same old bull sh*t!)

posted 30 Jun 2009 18:50 by No Rally   [ updated 30 Jun 2009 18:54 ]

Dear Michael and members of the No Rally Group Inc

Thank you for your correspondence regarding Repco Rally Australia. We are in close consultation with the organisers and continue to work with them to ensure that economic, marketing and community benefits are maximised for the Northern Rivers region.

As you would know the FIA World Rally Championship is considered the highest profile four-wheeled motor sport championship after Formula One. To ensure the event proceeds with a level of certainty along with environmental safeguards the NSW Parliament has passed legislation, the Motor Sports (World Rally Championship) Bill 2009. The legislation passed by the NSW Parliament will permit the Government to impose environmental protection measures to manage any temporary impacts of the rally on affected local areas.

Over the five events to 2017, the rally is expected to create the equivalent of around 40 new permanent positions, or between 1,500 to 2,000 part-time and casual jobs, during the weeks it is held. The event is expected to generate up to 69,000 visitor nights in the Tweed-Kyogle region to the benefit of local tourism providers.

Events NSW estimates it will generate over $100 million for the NSW economy between now and 2017 with particular benefits for the Northern Rivers region in terms of increased tourism, jobs and economic activity. Over 816 million people around the world watched the televised World Rally event in 2007 so this will also be a chance to showcase the spectacular Northern Rivers to the world.

Rally Australia, in preparing for this World Championship Event has commissioned the most comprehensive, independent environmental and ecological review of the Northern Rivers Region ever conducted. Murwillumbah based Biolink Pty Ltd under the direction of Environmental Scientist Dr Stephen Phillips have prepared the 400 page (approx) report which clearly shows that the Rally can be conducted in harmony with the environment.

The report examined all aspects of flora and fauna in the area of the special stages of the rally, and the likely impact if any, of that competition. It took more than 450 person hours to compile and involved in part, sampling every 250 metre along the competition route. The research shows there is no significant increase in risk to endangered species.

NSW Government is committed to a review of the impact of the rally and will be consulting with local communities after the first event to ensure that the rally has minimum impacts on residents and the environment and maximise benefits for the regional economy.

If you would like to discuss the matter further please contact me on 02 8114 2405.

Yours sincerely
Kate Pembroke
Head of Corporate Affairs
e. kate.pembroke@eventsnsw.com.au

Environmental Defenders Office workshop

posted 20 Jun 2009 21:24 by No Rally

The EDO will be running a workshop in Uki on Saturday 27 June at 2:30pm at the Community Hall.

The workshop will consider the legislation to enable the rally and the options available to us as a local community.


RRA Feel Good Chats

posted 10 Jun 2009 21:57 by No Rally   [ updated 10 Jun 2009 22:04 ]

RRA has scheduled and (very quietly) announced that they will be holding 3 community sessions to give locals a chance to inspect the reports they commissioned and to ask questions. They are scheduled as follows:
Kyogle: Wed 10/6 @ 9am
Murwillumbah: Fri 12/6 @ 9am - 12 noon at the Council Auditorium.
Kingscliff: Sat 13/6 @ 2pm - 5pm.
These are not meetings as such but rather an opportunity for individuals to ask them questions. On reports from the Kyogle event we have not got our hopes up about getting realistic answers!