The rally review 

Time is short! Make your voice count now. Submissions close 5pm, February. 19th, 2010.


When Minister Ian McDonald introduced the Motor Sports Bill to parliament in June 2009, there was an outcry. Rally Australia had said they would lodge DAs for the proposed event with Tweed and Kyogle Councils, and this move came out of the blue. Local MPs Thomas George and Geoff Provest sought to have a ‘review clause’ inserted in the legislation. See Political issues for more information.

 The review is ‘to determine whether future rally events should be conducted in the region.’ It is to include, but not be limited to, the impact of the rally on the tourism industry, environment, Aboriginal cultural heritage, public safety, and the local community.

 Community scepticism runs deep.  NRG sought an independent panel with community representatives, but the review was delegated to the Homebush Motor Racing Authority (HMRA), a motor sports administrative body, and then contracted to Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), a marketing company. Both bodies have business relationships with the State Government. The Minister holds the final authority over the review.

The review panel has stated that they will not conduct an independent cost-benefit analysis of the rally. Events NSW, which funded the rally with our taxes, has no obligation to provide economic data to the review. Nor will the panel collect any data independently. They will rely entirely on submissions to make their findings.

Add your voice! We have one chance to show the panel how strongly locals feel about protecting our wildlife, values and culture. This issue affects all NSW taxpayers: undisclosed millions of State taxes have paid for this event under ‘commercial in confidence’ funding.  

The deadline is 19th February 2010. Submissions can be emailed to –

Mike Cahill, Managing Director IMC

or mailed to P.O. Box 519, ST LEONARDS NSW 1590

How to make a submission 

A submission is just a statement from your perspective about the impact of the rally, stating your observations and concerns that you wish the panel to consider. It may also include photos, facts, dates, names and other supporting documentation. You may speak as an affected resident, or a non-resident concerned about inappropriate use of funds and undemocratic processes in NSW. Submissions will be most effective if they are factual and unemotive.

Due to the need for transparency, all submissions will be publicly available when the report is tabled in parliament, so be aware of this when writing yours.

Electronic submissions are preferred. All submissions will be part of the public record after the report is tabled in parliament. It must be tabled by the end of December 2010. There is no specified length. NRG invites you to copy your submission to us at

 The deadline for submissions is 5.00pm, Friday 19 February.

Official review items of reference are the rally’s impacts on:

·         The tourism industry

·         The environment

·         Aboriginal cultural heritage

·         Public safety

·         The local community 

NRG has also called on the panel to consider the economic impact of the event. It’s a scandal that this was not included in the orfficial terms of reference. RRA claimed the rally would bring a financial windfall to the region, but an independent business survey by the Tweed Monitor group has shown that this was far from the truth. Since the claims of economic benefit justified overriding democracy and taxpayer funding the event, we call for these claims to be held to account.

 It’s also legitimate to voice your concerns about the review process, and any other issues that you feel should be addressed.

Finally, please send the link to this page to anyone on your contact list who may want to send a submission. Time is short. We’re all affected!

 A list of (selected) concerns

Poor return to local businesses and disruption to businesses
Copycat driving and the glorification of dangerous driving
Concerns about the cost to ratepayers and NSW taxpayers
Disruption to lives and properties of residents

Assaults on and abuse of concerned residents by rally patrons
Selective policing at anti-rally demonstrations, such as refusal to take statements from assaulted residents, and refusal to arrest rally drivers and fans for dangerous driving and assault
Road damage
Damage to soil and vegetation
Disruption to wildlife, especially breeding birds
Damage to ecotourism and the reputation of the caldera
Lack of promised remedial measures for affected residents
Poor safety measures and risk management
Inappropriate actions by volunteers and stage marshalls (like making up
stories about rock throwing..!)
Low flying helicopters
Community trauma and division

Your experience as a route or ‘rally affected town’ resident

Other ways to get involved in opposing the Repco Rally

  • Click here to subscribe to the No Rally Group mailing list
  • Attend LOCAL MEETINGS  SEE CALENDAR See Also look out for advertisements, or contact us.
  • Contact local councillors by email or phone (SAME EMAIL TO ALL COUNCILLORS IS OK) or write to all councillors.
  • Contact local media - Write Letters to the Editor; contact their News Room urging them to run articles/stories (give them hints/leads for stories) (SAME LETTER TO ALL PUBLICATIONS OK)
  • Contact State, National and International media to outline your concerns through Letters to the Editor and urging them to cover the issues we are raising.
  • CONTACT REPCO RALLY AUSTRALIA (e) (p) (02) 6676 7028 requesting they hold their event elsewhere. 
    • Postal Address: P.O. Box 89, Murwillumbah, NSW 2484
  • CONTACT RACING TEAMS - While many teams have sensibly pulled out, you might like to contact one of the few remaining large teams, and  remind them how bad for publicity their participation in this rally will be: Ford - Malcolm Wilson M-Sport Ltd., Dovenby Hall, Dovenby Cockermouth Cumbria CP13 0PN England (e)
  • CALL THE TWEED SHIRE COUNCIL with your concerns (p) 1300 292 872 or (02) 6670 2400.
  • JOIN:
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    •  The No Rally Group (p) 0466 436 054