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Stop Adani.

Stop Adani.

Stop Adani Tweed.


Matt Canavan, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Hi good people,
A protest rally on the 21st November from 5 to 7 PM at Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall. Opposing the Adani coal mining folly and
how committed we are to saving the region’s underground water and the
Great Barrier Reef.For a sustainable future, Went well.

Adani Brisbane Protest.

Hello members of the Shadow government,
You may very well win the pending election.
I believe you owe it to the voters – and indeed the nation – to protect the Great Barrier Reef , tourism and water for traditional rural industries. Don’t get sucked in by the “jobs” hyped by Adani and their potential Chinese backers. only a handful of jobs will accrue due to robotics and mecghanisation. More jobs in tourism and agriculture will be destroyed.
Please tell me you will not subsidise this destructive foreign venture in any way!


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