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Not sustainable-no social license.
hey, these are some serious commitments… mostly sugarcane waste….seriously?? …….. and NO native timber…………hmmmmmmmm…….
anyway, they are getting worried! good!!!!!!

Cape Byron Power:(190% Bullshit)

Good afternoon. We’ve recently become aware some of your members may
be involved in protest actions regarding the Cape Byron Power
There seems to have been a fair degree of confusion regarding the work
we undertake and there are a few key points we’d like to clarify:
• Cape Byron Power Company produces clean, renewable electricity
from mostly sugar cane milling waste, along with certain types of wood
residues and energy crops, commonly referred to as ‘biomass’ fuel.
• The energy produced by our power stations is 100% compliant with
State, Federal and United Nations guidelines for renewable energy
• All of Cape Byron Power fuel sources are 100% federally accredited
renewable energy fuel sources that comply with Australia’s United
Nations’ obligations under the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Accord.
• Cape Byron Power does not source any native timber directly from
state forests or private native forest.
Further information is also available on our website . We hope this information clarifies some of
the issues your members may have raised and can help in bringing an
end to some of the misinformation in the public arena. However, if you
or your members have any additional concerns, we would be more than
happy to meet with you to talk through them.
Best Regards,
Cape Byron Power

Award-winning film showcases sustainable farming principles.

Presidents Report AGM Dec. 2022.

Flying Bat

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