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The Northern Rivers Guardians

  • lobby and work for appropriate development in the Northern Rivers of NSW.
  • lobby and work against inappropriate development
  • emphasise that appropriate development requires being sensitive to environmental needs
  • acknowledge that all development must account for community priorities and needs
  • support economic growth that complements the local area

Our current campaigns are focussed on

  • appropriate land use in the Northern Rivers
  • as part of this campaign we are working for appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure that land use decisions are appropriate in terms of community and cultural values, environmental values, developing industries that complement the local area.
  • a major component of this campaign is to stop coal seam gas mining from coming to the Northern Rivers

Sustainable water management

  • as part of this campaign we are promoting and lobbying for effective and sustainable water supply
  • demand strategies including larger rainwater tanks, recycling stormwater and waste water for use on gardens and in toilets, more sensitive use of available water and appropriate pricing mechanisms.
  • we are also opposing the development of a dam on Byrrill Creek and the raising of the wall of the existing Clarrie Hall Dam.

Join us in our fight for a sustainable Northern Rivers.



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