re: northern rivers floods:

Hi NRG people,

As always we have lots to cope with the rich and greedy often failing to recognize they share the fate of our world. Parliamentarians in Australia hand around lumps of coal as if they worship black lung. Qld government wants to back a foreign coal mine with handouts.

Trump thinks we don’t need to worry about climate change and says it is a “Chinese hoax.” Cyclone Debbie recently whipped thru here as if nature wanted to wash us clean. BUT…, our species has some spectacular people doing great work and will overcome all obstacles in the long run.

If any of you have a problem that other NRG members might be able to assist, please contact Sharon, our volunteer NRG members’ welfare officer Sharon home 0266793209 or  mobile  0458138540. You may need help with property or health issues. Telephone counselling?

Gasfield Free NR has set up a temporary help centre for flood victims in the disused Lismore railway station. People wanting to volunteer or needing help can register requests for assistance online at or they can come to the train station.

A government hotline also offers advice on disaster relief, call 1800 018444 .

I hope all members are safe and well. We need you. The world needs you.


Scott Sledge


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