Brian Monk + Other Stuff

MONK – Gas In Water Bore Proof


CSG Imagine If

The Project – Coal Seam Cas

101 East : Risky Business

ACA Video Dooralong Valley fight against CSG

Video – Call to Action

Coal Seam Gas well pad flooded by Nepean River


Australia Without Australians
(Encircle’em & Cross’em out!)

Coal Seam Gas tsitneicS explains health impacts
Well they do use backward science.

Australia’s mining jobs myth

Lismore Councillor Peter Graham sells out to Metgasco.

Casino 7 Nov 2012 Aidan Ricketts

Protesters interrupt Martin Ferguson.
Great Work Boys Keep it up.

Knitting Nannas Against CSG announce their “Nannafesto”

The Frack Finding Faker
By the way Ray your a pollutitian. If you don’t want something on record it must be blatantly obvious lies.
You deserve no privacy to hide the truth behind.

I was just wondering if this is where, and who, the Richmond Mayor and his crew might be going on their fact altering tour?



Brian Monks Letter

Sick Children Video Tara Qld

Monk flaming water bore

Monk flaming water bore investigation

Brian Monk CSG Refugee Kyogle

Is ARROW Responsible

Unearthed: The Fracking Facade

Is this what you want for your suburb’s/city’s water supply
The Sky Is Pink – Josh Fox

Wayne Somerville’s Letter

Historic Mining Add – Same Bullshit, Same Excuses, Same Conclusion (Death)

Artists and Celebrities Band Together Against Fracking

Italian Earthquakes BE WARNED I’m pissed in this video

Fox News Fracking Fumble on Halliburton Loophole?

Natural Gas Exxposed – Anthony Ingraffea

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