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Hi folks,
Here’s photo evidence of a dangerous criminal, bent on obstructing the Halliburton frackers convoy at Gloucester NSW in November.
Lucky the police were there in big numbers to protect foreign interests, eh?
If the fine had been greater than $69 I would go back to fight it in Court: instead I live to ride another day!
Happy hols…I hope the frackers have a long vacation…like forever!

Sometimes words inspire me: I want to share these with you all .
From a FB post by Pan Pemberton: “Neo liberalism is a heartless mental illness vote the mongrels out deport a butt to pommy land from whence he came and the snide South African so called deputy treasurer as well.”
And what about the Belgian Finance MInister, the High Priest of textbook Capitalism?
This is the worst bunch of scroundrels ever to sit in Cabinet!
That’s what I think,

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