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Hello Concerned citizens,
Just when we thought that Kings Forest couldn’t get worse, it has.
Breifly, Leda Corp has applied to vary their plans for the small piece of land on the ocean (east ) side of the Tweed Coast Road . Instead of “rural supplies” store (aka lanscaping business), Project 28 Pty Ltd (LEDA) sought to amend its DA to 6 food outlets – 2 of which are drive through – a car wash and dog wash and a fossil fuel service station. All to go in Precint 1 of the KF development on the bank of the Cudgen Creek and wetlands adjoining State Significant Farmland on the block’s northern boundary.

This is a modification to the original approval given to the site for a Rural Supplies Building.

This modification was objected to by local land owners, but Tweed Shire Council and The DPI failed to object to this new land use. The danger to the wetlands and Creek becoming seriously contaminated made some of us think this change would be refused…and it was:
The Modification request was refused by the Executive Director Key Sites and Industry Assessments under section 74W of the Environmental and Planning and Assessment Act 1979. on 18th April 2016.

But…Project 28 Pty Ltd (LEDA) appealed this decision and an on-site conciliation conference was held with some objectors, the commissioner and Project 28 on 13th Sept 2016. ( report was confidential).
Tweed Council held an extraordinary meeting on Tues 24th January 2017 to discuss the issue, and sent an urgent letter to the Lands Dept. Neighbour and organic farmer Donna Smith has since learned that Council’s letter was “too late” and that a S.34 Agreement has been reached which will be tabled in the Lands and Environment Court on Monday 30th January 2017. The terms are not yet known but Donna feels certain that Leda Corp will have its way, with some conditions imposed.
I appeal to everyone to spare a few moments to save Cudgen Creek – that wonderful regional asset and tourist attraction – please email Gladys Berejiklian, who is the new Premier of NSW, via the Premier’s web site, an appeal based on threat to clean water and prime farmland.
The Planning Department listed risks to the environment and wildlife among it’s concerns. You comments might include the fact that a new Caltex roadhouse has opened a few kms away and that established area businesses ( in Kingscliff, Cabarita, Casuarina ) will suffer as a result. Perhaps even make an argument about moving away from fossil fuels during our Climate Change emergency.
Today the Three Minutes to Midnight Scientific Committee advanced the Doomsday clock” by 30 seconds.
Search for NSW Premier – contact. You will find there also a link to message the Premier on Facebook and Twitter .
Do it now. Just a few words may turn the tide.
Thanks, Sledge
NRG President

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