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Here is an email from Momentum Energy... Make The Switch!!!…
We are currently compiling a list of Frack Free Power Providers in Australia. Momentum Energy was the first to reply. Please make the Switch from The Dirty Three (AGL, Energy Australia and origin Energy) This is something simple that we can ALL do to put a Nail in the Coffin of Coal Seam Gas Mining in Australia. The Government and the Politicians will not listen to us. But once Big Business starts to lose thousands of customers the Shareholders, which is 'us', will make the decision for them.
"Thank you for your email."

"Momentum Energy does not mine coal seam gas. We have long term contracts in place to supply our customers with natural gas.
Momentum Energy retails electricity in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, and natural gas in Victoria. Momentum Energy is prevented by legislation from retailing in Tasmania. However, we provide retail services on the Bass Strait islands on behalf of our parent company, Hydro Tasmania. For more information on retail energy in Tasmania, we would refer you to the Tasmanian energy regulator "

"We offer our customers one of the cleanest dual fuel offers in the market. With respect to the electricity our SmilePower customers use we’ll ensure the equivalent amount of renewable energy is fed directly into the national electricity grid by Hydro Tasmania. This renewable energy is predominately sourced from hydropower."

"We understand that we have the potential to impact on people through our activities. That’s why we aim to make a genuine difference in the communities in which we operate by working with our customers, stakeholders, suppliers and partners to contribute to a sustainable future."

"If you have any other questions please contact our dedicated Customer Care Team on 1300 662 778."
Kind Regards,
Carmen | Customer Care Consultant
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Here is an email from Momentum Energy... Make The Switch!!! We are currently compiling a list of Frack Free Power Providers in Australia. Momentum Energy was the fir...

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Our illustrious leader Thomas George part of a *leadership team allegedly involved in illegal activity ... ... See MoreSee Less

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We can only imagine what tests would reveal in the Northern Rivers & would possibly even know if we had a real EPA or even local govts who tested & reported back to the community ... "...The study noted that threshold level exceedances “were high even in highly regulated countries.” For countries that have “high environmental regulatory quality” such as the U.S., Canada, Germany, Japan, and Australia, these exceedances were, surprisingly, only slightly lower than in countries with low environmental regulatory quality. The researchers also found a significant lack of scientific monitoring data for approximately 90 percent of global cropland..." ... See MoreSee Less

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Leard state Forest from the air yesterday. ... See MoreSee Less

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Tony Abbott: Stop closing remote Indigenous communities
(Sign Petitions Here)

(Sign Petitions Here)

Leard State Forest!


Gloucester report for NRG.

Dangerous Criminal, bent on Obstruction
Flying Bat Flying Bat Flying Bat

Watch for Drillrig Trucks moving in your area.

Lucas Buys Northern Rivers Pels + Others

Dear Northern Rivers Guardians
As we move into the New Year, we want to continue to support the great work done by all the various groups and volunteers. LTG have a crucial role in coordinating many efforts and have asked for our support by donating to enable them to continue their work. Please read the Email Here. You can also donate via NRG BSB 728728 Acct 22300597 and remember to write ” LTG donation” in the reference line as a show of our solidarity to the cause!
Thank you in advance and for all you do

Flying Bat

Other Interesting Vids+!

GetUp helped lodge urgent legal action to stop Environment Minister Greg Hunt unlawfully assessing plans to dredge and dump near Abbot Point. Unfortunately for the Minister, he didn’t take the news so well.

Glencore nominated for Hall of Shame Awards – Vote Here

Report on Outcome of Clr Vanessa Ekins’ Motion re Rails with Trails at Lismore City Council Dec 9th 2014

Nimbin Environment Centre

This site has the information and maps of the places that Forests NSW is planning to cable log. It has the cable lines marked. It has the process for donating to, and info on, the anti-cable logging campaign.

Submission on marine reserves due in Feb 2015. The site has some great pictures


Banks in Lismore feel the heat of fossil fuel divestment

People’s Climate March – on 21st September.

The People’s Climate March Makes History.

Northern Rivers Guardians will support rallies and marches taking place all around the world to demand action on this most urgent of problems. If the mass extinction is allowed to take place because of human pollution, I suspect our species will have a tough time surviving.
.WE DID IT!! Largest. Climate. March. In History.



Will you help us take the Fight for the Reef to the next level?


20 Largest Shareholders of Metgasco

Members who want to receive alerts via SMS please phone Nimbin Environment Centre 6689 1441 business hours 7 days/week to get on the action call-out list.

Group Empowerment Members Questionnaire

Groundwater gas sampling will give CSG a baseline.

A Guide to :- CULTURAL PROTOCOLS For The Original Australians


Dealing With Arrest

Dear Northern Rivers Guardians,

Our hard-working Secretary , Barb Tyler, wants to pass over her duties  to someone else because she has too big a workload in other areas of her life. We hope that Barb will continue on the Committee.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone interested in activism to become more deeply involved with a dynamic community organisation. Northern Rivers Guardians, Inc was formed in 2009 and campaigns for appropriate development in our region, especially around the Tweed River Valley. The main duty for NRG Secretary is to take Minutes at regular monthly meetings and help prepare the agenda for the next meeting. Help with letter/submission writing is  appreciated, but not required.

If you would like to try being NRG Secretary, please contact us !
Love to hear from you!

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