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Reece Byrnes’ voting habits

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NRG Presidents Report for 2017 AGM

Conflict of Interest
There is no place in Local Govt for Federal Political parties.
No need for, Green,Labour,Liberal or Nationals in the TSC.
Only independent candidates should contest the local elections. They alone stand on the issues that are of a concern to the Shire. With no allegiance to any Party. Shire first and nothing else. So why do we have these Party controlled people in the Council? I believe the answer is you. It’s your fault! Voter apathy, voter fatigue and the grind of every day life leads us to taking the easy way out. Come election time we do not scrutinise the candidates and what they stand for but just grab the how to vote card of the party we vote for federally and get it over with. This leads us to the scenario that we face in the TSC today. Faction opposing faction based on Federal Party ideology. Often not what is good for the Shire but an adherence to a particular party. So how do we know that any vote that they make is Shire first or Party first? The answer is we can’t! This is going to become more evident in a soon to be vote on a water extraction application near Uki. The applicant is a life member of the Labour Party, an ex Minister of the NSW Govt. Unfortunate for the Labour Councillor as he is going to have to vote on a very contentious issue of approving a very, very lucrative application for one of his mentors. An elder statesman of his party. A no vote like he recently made for a similar application has the chance to curtail his ambitions for advancement in his party. A yes vote could be regarded as putting Party first. If he abstains and the vote is lost, he again faces scrutiny from his party. Not a good position to be in for an inexperienced councillor. This dilemma has been brought about by the unfortunate fact that a prominent member of a political party is having his application voted on by a member of his party. If we did not have Federal sponsored candidates in local councils then Cr Byrnes would not be in this position. I rest my case!
Gwyn Hooper

big win for renewable energy! small win for no water mining .

Lock The Gate

ABC’s 7.30 program aired a story about the federal Government and Minerals Council’s attacks on groups like Lock the Gate.
The program highlighted the latest offensive in the ongoing campaign by government and industry to shut down the voices of communities defending land and water from destructive mining.
But we won’t let them! These attacks just make us even more determined to carry on. Lets stand up to the bullies and continue our vital worktogether!
Together we are infuriating these guys! They hate that we’re standing up to their bullying and exposing the damage mining does to land and water.
That’s why they’re trying to strip our tax deductible status, silence our voices during elections and increase our red-tape.
We still have so much work to do with communities who are facing the devastating impacts of mining. Will you support us in the face of this direct attack?
Lock the Gate is grateful for ongoing support from thousands of Australians like you.
We are proud to be working with farmers, community members and Traditional Owners who are on the front line of damaging coal and gas projects across the country.
Please help us keep up the pressure in the face of these attacks. We can’t do it without you!


Hollywood Magic?




Thought you might be interested to know that last night Council voted 5 to 2 to refused the two Development Applications lodged by Larry Karlos for his Dungay water extraction operation.
In the interest of fast dissemination, I have attached a copy of the Council Minutes in pdf form.
Thank you all again for your continued interest,




Re: Please help koalas_share your thoughts_should men’s shed have centrally-located permanent home?

Gasfield Free Brands Advocate Training

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