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Reece Byrnes’ voting habits

Stop Adani Tweed campaign launch flier.

Hi C’tee,
Anyone able to help? Daniele will have to get someone to close the NEC shop for her before 5 PM so we prolly can get there before 6 PM.
I will help in any way I can, except carrying wheelchair people up stairs: my back won’t do that.
It would be much appreciated if NRG members could help out next Wednesday night. We will be setting up between 5-6pm, people arrive between 6-7pm and the event runs between 7-9pm. The following are volunteer roles we need filled (volunteers may be able to double-up with some of these roles):-
2 collecting donations
1 getting signatures on petition to Matt Canavan
2 looking after special guests
2 at door collecting money and issuing tickets
1 usher
2 getting people to complete contact form for future events
1 time-keeper
2 with roving microphones during Q&A session
2 to help Sophia Fletcher relocate her sound equipment from foyer to stage between 6.50-7pm
2 strong men to help Tony Barry up the stairs and onto the stage (he is mostly wheelchair-bound).

Could you please let me know if he anyone can help out.
Phone: 02 6676 0615
Mobile: 0423 267 555

Council has investigated and called for a halt to unauthorised logging until a comprehensive risks assessment can be made.
Mayor Milne has yet to receive any sort of reply from the NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton.
We congratulate Tweed Council for prompt action and we will also call upon Federal MP Justine Elliot to do what she can through EPBC legislation to protect the biodiversity of this unique caldera .

Conflict of Interest
There is no place in Local Govt for Federal Political parties.
No need for, Green,Labour,Liberal or Nationals in the TSC.
Only independent candidates should contest the local elections. They alone stand on the issues that are of a concern to the Shire. With no allegiance to any Party. Shire first and nothing else. So why do we have these Party controlled people in the Council? I believe the answer is you. It’s your fault! Voter apathy, voter fatigue and the grind of every day life leads us to taking the easy way out. Come election time we do not scrutinise the candidates and what they stand for but just grab the how to vote card of the party we vote for federally and get it over with. This leads us to the scenario that we face in the TSC today. Faction opposing faction based on Federal Party ideology. Often not what is good for the Shire but an adherence to a particular party. So how do we know that any vote that they make is Shire first or Party first? The answer is we can’t! This is going to become more evident in a soon to be vote on a water extraction application near Uki. The applicant is a life member of the Labour Party, an ex Minister of the NSW Govt. Unfortunate for the Labour Councillor as he is going to have to vote on a very contentious issue of approving a very, very lucrative application for one of his mentors. An elder statesman of his party. A no vote like he recently made for a similar application has the chance to curtail his ambitions for advancement in his party. A yes vote could be regarded as putting Party first. If he abstains and the vote is lost, he again faces scrutiny from his party. Not a good position to be in for an inexperienced councillor. This dilemma has been brought about by the unfortunate fact that a prominent member of a political party is having his application voted on by a member of his party. If we did not have Federal sponsored candidates in local councils then Cr Byrnes would not be in this position. I rest my case!
Gwyn Hooper

PhD research project
My name is Catriona Meyer-McLean and I am a PhD candidate at The University of Adelaide in the Geography, Environment, and Population
department of the School of Social Sciences.
Under the supervision of Associate Professor Melissa Nursey-Bray, I am undertaking a research project that is looking into the anti-fracking discourse and how it impacts
decision-makers in Australia and the UK, and I’m keen to find people who may be interested in participating in an interview with me.
I am heading your way in December and it would be great to meet and interview anybody who wants to participate in your district and talk about fracking and unconventional gas development. I have recently been in Victoria where I have interviewed some passionate people who have kindly given their time form the project. I am heading over to the UK next year to do the same.
Interviews will be audio-recorded and less than an hour and no further participation required. I will not be taking any personal details, only your thoughts about fracking.
The research has ethics approval and is independent and not funded by any companies. It would be wonderful if you would consider participating, but also if you could let anyone know who may be interested in giving his or her side of the story. Please don’t hesitate contacting me if you have any queries. I also have further information about the project that I can send to you.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Warm Regards

Hi Sledge,
Yes Hallam’s DA is deferred till the 15th Feb Council meeting. We got legal advice that confirmed the EDO advice, so staff requested from Hallam a hydrogeological study. Council will be seeking an external expert to assist in assessing this study.
It is probably this study and Council’s review that the community could seek to get independently reviewed if necessary, rather than doing their own study from scratch.
The meeting with the Minister re Fish’s PNF was too short again. Whilst it seemed much more positive than previous encounters it still feels tenuous whether she really had time to absorb what we were saying, and the various reasons to revoke we were proposing for her.
Jenny’s advice that morning about the dozer on the Crown Rd again was perfect timing to put Thomas into a right old hearty, (near) fist thumping mood, which was good but a bit chaotic and distracting also. Geoff was on hand too giving background support.
The Minister said she was sympathetic to the argument and that she would try to help, but she will be up against herown EPA office set on defending their department’s decisions.
She gave no guarantees.
An online petition may help……

Hi good people,
A protest rally scheduled for 21st November from 5 to 7 PM at Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall. Opposing the Adani coal mining folly and
how committed we are to saving the region’s underground water and the
Great Barrier Reef.For a sustainable future, Went well.

Adani Brisbane Protest.

Hello members of the Shadow government,
You may very well win the pending election.
I believe you owe it to the voters – and indeed the nation – to protect the Great Barrier Reef , tourism and water for traditional rural industries. Don’t get sucked in by the “jobs” hyped by Adani and their potential Chinese backers. only a handful of jobs will accrue due to robotics and mecghanisation. More jobs in tourism and agriculture will be destroyed.
Please tell me you will not subsidise this destructive foreign venture in any way!


Digging-into-Adani Video’s

big win for renewable energy! small win for no water mining .

Limpinwood logging threatens wildlife corridor

A reply to your correspondence about the biodiversity reforms – MD17/3387



Urgent Action :

The Planning meeting (1st Thursday of the month).
Community Access starts at 4.30 PM and goes to 5.15pm then at 5.30pm the general meeting starts.
Address is Brett Street Tweed Heads.


Herewith a Media Release – 6/9/17

Core Koala habitat at risk by logging at Limpinwood
An area of high conservation value forest is being logged at Limpinwood, near Tyalgum. Neighbours are worried for koalas and other wildlife on this private land currently being. An injured koala has been sighted fleeing the area.

Some of the land has concentrations of koala food trees and part of it is listed as an Environmental Protection Zone .

Dailan Pugh of the North East Forest Alliance said, “the Tweed LEP 2000 shows a significant part of the property to be Zoned 7(d) and part to be zoned 7(l). Under LEP 2000 in both Zones 7 (d) Environmental Protection (Scenic/Escarpment) and 7(l) Environmental Protection (Habitat) forestry is only allowed with consent and must satisfy Council provisions.

The Mayor Katie Milne will move on Thursday for a temporary halt to logging so a study can be made. Ms. Milne said, “We need Council officers to undertake a detailed environmental study of the potential for damage to this important wildlife corridor.”

“This land has been subject to claims of serious breaches of environmental protection codes and Council is pursuing action legal action against the proprietor.  This is core koala habitat, “Mayor Milne said, “and Council should do a comprehensive compliance audit.”

Thursday’s  Tweed Council meeting is at Tweed Heads.

Scott Sledge, a spokesman for Northern Rivers Guardians said that concerned citizens will gather for a demonstration to support the motion at 3:30 pm outside Council/Library on Brett Street. Community Access starts at 4.30 pm and goes to 5.15 pm then at 5.30 pm the Council general meeting starts.

Mr. Sledge said, “There are residents in Boormans Rd who are badly affected by the noise and dust of the logging trucks. Some say that these trucks – up to three every day – going around the bends of narrow roads near Chillingham while school bus  are operating  are an accident waiting to happen.  I think more of the community would be outraged by this if they knew it was happening, even if they may not be concerned about the demise of our precious koalas. There is a serious risk to public safety.”

Contact : Scott Sledge

Fishey business at Limpinwood


Lock The Gate

ABC’s 7.30 program aired a story about the federal Government and Minerals Council’s attacks on groups like Lock the Gate.
The program highlighted the latest offensive in the ongoing campaign by government and industry to shut down the voices of communities defending land and water from destructive mining.
But we won’t let them! These attacks just make us even more determined to carry on. Lets stand up to the bullies and continue our vital worktogether!
Together we are infuriating these guys! They hate that we’re standing up to their bullying and exposing the damage mining does to land and water.
That’s why they’re trying to strip our tax deductible status, silence our voices during elections and increase our red-tape.
We still have so much work to do with communities who are facing the devastating impacts of mining. Will you support us in the face of this direct attack?
Lock the Gate is grateful for ongoing support from thousands of Australians like you.
We are proud to be working with farmers, community members and Traditional Owners who are on the front line of damaging coal and gas projects across the country.
Please help us keep up the pressure in the face of these attacks. We can’t do it without you!


Hollywood Magic?




Thought you might be interested to know that last night Council voted 5 to 2 to refused the two Development Applications lodged by Larry Karlos for his Dungay water extraction operation.
In the interest of fast dissemination, I have attached a copy of the Council Minutes in pdf form.
Thank you all again for your continued interest,

NRG Presidents Report for 2016 AGM




Re: Please help koalas_share your thoughts_should men’s shed have centrally-located permanent home?

Gasfield Free Brands Advocate Training

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