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This is a letter to TS Council from a visitor to the Tweed in regards to the entry to Tweed Valley Way. All members, please write to Council NOW........otherwise this will be forgotten.

Tweed Valley. Lush. Green. Verdant.
Home to places like Fern Gully, Pretty Valley, Rainforest Way., a site sponsored by the Tweed Shire Council, has a whole section devoted to 'Australia’s Green Cauldron’. Tourism Australia nominated the area as one of our 'National Landscapes'.
Lucky enough to enjoy my childhood growing up in Uki and since then a frequent visitor to the Valley, imagine my horrified shock the first time I laid eyes on the (finally) finished new entrance to the Tweed Valley Way tourist drive, off the Pacific Highway.
I was driving back to Brisbane after working at Falls Festival, when I decided to come back via Murwillumbah. Following the riverside, admiring the mountain in my rear-view mirror, I approached the newly created roundabout which would take me back to the pacific highway. To my shock and dismay I came upon the environmental crime scene that is the Caltex Roadhouse.
Metres of concrete. Piles of red rocks hosting a smattering of limp, baked-looking palm trees. And the crowning glory. A massive petrol station, complete with humongous car park. Way to help decrease our carbon footprint guys.
No-one with any shred of pride in the Valley, can honestly look at this tragic excuse for a grand scenic entrance and not find it sorely lacking.
The fact that this was planned, developed, approved and then actually built, with NO ONE putting their hand up to ask why a desert wasteland was considered appropriate to the surroundings... well frankly it boggles the mind.
I call upon the Tweed Shire Council, the Mayor, the developers, anyone who had a hand in dreaming up this monstrosity to, simply put, fix it.
Please. On behalf of tourists and residents alike, I implore you. If there must be a dirty great big petrol station right there, at least TRY to limit its impact on the landscape.
As I remember learning in school, Mt Warning’s indigenous name is Wollumbin, which means ‘rainmaker’. In keeping with the spirit of that - as I hope and wish that you will heed the cries of outrage no doubt bombarding your email servers and do something about this - my suggestion would be, for example, to do a smidge of research and find out what native species thrive in the area and plant those. Lots of those.
Think less desert, more lush tropical rainforest.
Yes some things can’t be undone, like massive underground reservoirs of fuel for instance. And I’m sure you have a great economic/tourism-backed case for why it was all built in the first place. But please funnel some of those future financial gains into rectifying what is a seemingly blatant disrespect for anyone that has to go past it to get to the beauty and wonder that is the Tweed Valley.
Optimistically yours,
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As Pauline Hanson declared, "the coral is fine!" But she only went to the southern part where there's only a 1% kill rate, and the temperatures are much lower.

Had she ventured out near Cooktown she'd have found 2/3 of the coral dead.

Incidentally, Abbot Point is about halfway between Townsville and Mackay. If Gautam Adani gets to work the 6% average kill rate may well be tragically vastly increased 🙁
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Here's the status on the coral on Queensland's coast. As Pauline Hanson declared, "the coral is fine!" But she only went to the southern part where there's only a 1% kill rate, and the temperatures ...

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Gladstone State Forest: A drone's eye view Another of Bellingen's forests ravaged by clearfelling! WRONG METHOD : WRONG PLACE STOP CLEARFELLING Please LIKE and SHARE ... #notinmyforest #bellingen #for...

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URGENT: Write letter to Cr Longland re Rescinded Water Options

URGENT: Write letter to Cr Longland re Rescinded Water Options

Barry's pre-election promises

Black Rocks Koala’s

Black Rocks Koala’s

Save coastal koala habitat

New Year's message from Sledge

New Year's message from Sledge

This is the Big One. If we can defend the land and our rights, then there is hope for the future for our children and grandchildren!

EDO workshop about NSW coastal management reforms

EDO workshop about NSW coastal management reforms

Caldera Environment Centre will host a free EDO NSW workshop in Cabarita to explain the new draft framework for coastal management for NSW and how the community can have their say and respond to the reforms.

NCEC Submission for Tweed Shire Events Strategy

NCEC Submission for Tweed Shire Events Strategy

Here's the value of joining NCEC. Their submission to Tweed is attached, and it is brilliant ! Thanks Jimmy. Your use of the WRC was especially salient.

Metgasgo going going gone? A day to celebrate.


“Baird delays nature laws

“This Changes Everything”, showing in Mur’bah

Community owned energy news

Infrared Camera Footage

The Bentley Effect Home Page

Join our Original brothers to protest the Forced Closure of Remote Communities and Original Rights.

Caldera Playing For Change Day

(fully back by NSW Injustice System & Government).

Australia has a short time left in which to slow down the destructive juggernaut that is invasive mining. The page has information on why I would wish to slow it down!
I ask you to please sign this and share it with everyone you can think of. We need 100,000 signature before the 21 May 2015 to make this Royal Commission become a reality.

The Longest Roadside Protest

Tony Abbott: Stop closing remote Indigenous communities
(Sign Petitions Here)

(Sign Petitions and Donate Here)

Leard State Forest!


Gloucester report for NRG.

Dangerous Criminal, bent on Obstruction
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Watch for Drillrig Trucks moving in your area.

Lucas Buys Northern Rivers Pels + Others

Dear Northern Rivers Guardians
As we move into the New Year, we want to continue to support the great work done by all the various groups and volunteers. LTG have a crucial role in coordinating many efforts and have asked for our support by donating to enable them to continue their work. Please read the Email Here. You can also donate via NRG BSB 728728 Acct 22300597 and remember to write ” LTG donation” in the reference line as a show of our solidarity to the cause!
Thank you in advance and for all you do

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GetUp helped lodge urgent legal action to stop Environment Minister Greg Hunt unlawfully assessing plans to dredge and dump near Abbot Point. Unfortunately for the Minister, he didn’t take the news so well.

Glencore nominated for Hall of Shame Awards – Vote Here

Report on Outcome of Clr Vanessa Ekins’ Motion re Rails with Trails at Lismore City Council Dec 9th 2014

Nimbin Environment Centre

This site has the information and maps of the places that Forests NSW is planning to cable log. It has the cable lines marked. It has the process for donating to, and info on, the anti-cable logging campaign.

Submission on marine reserves due in Feb 2015. The site has some great pictures


Banks in Lismore feel the heat of fossil fuel divestment

People’s Climate March – on 21st September.

The People’s Climate March Makes History.

Northern Rivers Guardians will support rallies and marches taking place all around the world to demand action on this most urgent of problems. If the mass extinction is allowed to take place because of human pollution, I suspect our species will have a tough time surviving.
.WE DID IT!! Largest. Climate. March. In History.



Will you help us take the Fight for the Reef to the next level?


20 Largest Shareholders of Metgasco

Members who want to receive alerts via SMS please phone Nimbin Environment Centre 6689 1441 business hours 7 days/week to get on the action call-out list.

Group Empowerment Members Questionnaire

Groundwater gas sampling will give CSG a baseline.

A Guide to :- CULTURAL PROTOCOLS For The Original Australians


Dealing With Arrest

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