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Hello Concerned citizens,
Just when we thought that Kings Forest couldn’t get worse, it has.
Breifly, Leda Corp has applied to vary their plans for the small piece of land on the ocean (east ) side of the Tweed Coast Road . Instead of “rural supplies” store (aka lanscaping business), Project 28 Pty Ltd (LEDA) sought to amend its DA to 6 food outlets – 2 of which are drive through – a car wash and dog wash and a fossil fuel service station. All to go in Precint 1 of the KF development on the bank of the Cudgen Creek and wetlands adjoining State Significant Farmland on the block’s northern boundary.

This is a modification to the original approval given to the site for a Rural Supplies Building.

This modification was objected to by local land owners, but Tweed Shire Council and The DPI failed to object to this new land use. The danger to the wetlands and Creek becoming seriously contaminated made some of us think this change would be refused…and it was:
The Modification request was refused by the Executive Director Key Sites and Industry Assessments under section 74W of the Environmental and Planning and Assessment Act 1979. on 18th April 2016.

But…Project 28 Pty Ltd (LEDA) appealed this decision and an on-site conciliation conference was held with some objectors, the commissioner and Project 28 on 13th Sept 2016. ( report was confidential).
Tweed Council held an extraordinary meeting on Tues 24th January 2017 to discuss the issue, and sent an urgent letter to the Lands Dept. Neighbour and organic farmer Donna Smith has since learned that Council’s letter was “too late” and that a S.34 Agreement has been reached which will be tabled in the Lands and Environment Court on Monday 30th January 2017. The terms are not yet known but Donna feels certain that Leda Corp will have its way, with some conditions imposed.
I appeal to everyone to spare a few moments to save Cudgen Creek – that wonderful regional asset and tourist attraction – please email Gladys Berejiklian, who is the new Premier of NSW, via the Premier’s web site, an appeal based on threat to clean water and prime farmland.
The Planning Department listed risks to the environment and wildlife among it’s concerns. You comments might include the fact that a new Caltex roadhouse has opened a few kms away and that established area businesses ( in Kingscliff, Cabarita, Casuarina ) will suffer as a result. Perhaps even make an argument about moving away from fossil fuels during our Climate Change emergency.
Today the Three Minutes to Midnight Scientific Committee advanced the Doomsday clock” by 30 seconds.
Search for NSW Premier – contact. You will find there also a link to message the Premier on Facebook and Twitter .
Do it now. Just a few words may turn the tide.
Thanks, Sledge
NRG President

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31 Responses to re: kings forest

  1. Nathan says:

    Well a year on from all these fantastic comments – the latest is that it has been given unconditional approval. We all lost! WINNER IS profits,greed and pollution against the wishes of the vast majority. This is democracy in Australia.
    I guess there is only the high court left? or is it the supreme court first?
    Is this 1983 in Tassie? or are we going to let petrol flow into cudgen creek and then onto Kingscliff beach and all over our bodies?

  2. Stephen Gilmour says:

    watching forrest lakes development closely.

  3. Lisa Moore says:

    As a member of Casuarina Cooee on Facebook, I very recently asked other members their opinion on this modification. 152 members responded: most are opposed to this development. Many had no information – hardly surprising since it was a last minute modification to an already approved development (a landscaping business).The Land and Environment Council of NSW provided a long list of objections referencing possible contamination and not in keeping with the rural/farming feel to our community. Tweed Shire Councillors supported these objections – but the proposal was approved anyways. This raises some questions. Most important – how can we STOP this?

  4. Sue Billson-Hewett says:

    Re proposed Petrol Station by Leda Group how can developers, be allowed to make a proposal for a suitable development , being a landscape supplies, then change that development to a Totally unneeded, high risk Petrol Station. On a truly beautiful waterway. This waterway is the lifeblood of tourism and recreation in Kingscliff. This proposed Petrol Station., will be on the headwaters, only a few kilometres from the main beach front. Where millions of dollars are currently being spent to beautify and make a people safe and usable foreshore.
    To risk polluting and jeopardising this waterway, amounts to the council and state, … Shooting themselves in the foot… A truly crazy and ill thought proposal…. If allowed to proceed.

  5. Melissa Jones says:

    I’m writing to express my concern at the proposed service station going in at Cudgen. . We Already have 2 at Hastings Point. 2 at chinderah. The locals understand that that is where we need to drive to fuel our car. We understand that that is part of living in a seaside area. We care about our environment and pollution that the tweed shire council should care about. I’m confused that this can be passed yet my neighbor can “dob” me in for having outdoor shower connected by a plumber with my shower shut down due to an environmental pollution issue. Really? Where is the council in regards to this huge hazard. How can council pass something that the local communities don’t want? Melissa Jones

  6. Melissa Jones says:

    I’m writing to express my concern at the proposed service station going in at Cudgen. . e Already have 2 at Hastings Point. 2 at chinderah. The locals understand that that is where we need to drive to fuel our car. We understand that that is part of living in a seaside area. We care about our environment and pollution that the tweed shire council should care about. I’m confused that this can be passed yet my neighbor can “dob” me in for having outdoor shower connected by a plumber with my shower shut down due to an environmental pollution issue. Really? Where is the council in regards to this huge hazard. How can council pass something that the local communities don’t want? Melissa Jones

  7. Debra McIveen says:

    There are already enough service stations in the area without another.
    Cudgen Creek is a wonderful area for families to enjoy a natural environment and a service station so close to a water way is an environmental hazzard with leaching of contaminants into the water putting the food chain at risk. Sea surges are very possible in this low lying area and have been as recent as the 1970s.

  8. Bob Crispin says:

    From the ocean at kingscliff to the lake at Cabarita Cudgen creek is a place of tranquillity and beauty. It is an asset to our beautiful environment and native animals for us, our children and our children’s children. Beggars belief that our council would even consider a petrol station in such a location. “Preventing or reducing water pollution protects our water quality and is essential to maintaining the health of our environment and our own quality of life.” Surely the council will stand up to what it preaches and choose the environment over dollars.

  9. Jane Eaton says:

    Of all the places you could put a service station! Who are these people making these decisions on our behalf? Surely it’s not rocket science that a service station with all the toxic substances that go with this kind of business should not be built so close to a water way??? More logic and environmental discretion is required rather that monetary incentives and greed. Please remember that this effects our lives, local people who live in the surrounding areas.

  10. Scott Lahey says:

    Please reconsider this proposal. Having a fuel station that close to the creek joining cudgen lake and the ocean is a bad idea. Not to mention the visual impact is not conducive to what currently attracts people to the tweed coast. If this is not enought tweed coast road is already of insufficient performance to accomodate current traffic efficiently. Throw another set of merging traffic into the mix as well as the forcasted population growth with kings forest and ypu start to get a picture of the joys people will have on tweed coast road. Unnecessary and inappropriate.

  11. David Sims says:

    We don’t need a petrol station here ,there are plenty of them already. To close to creek and there is really no need We need a high school .That should be the first option.

  12. Ann Ings says:

    I posted the following on the growing up in Kingscliff site on Facebook in early January, there has been lots of interest in this. Most people were horrified “Not sure if you are all aware of the proposed 24 hour Service Station that is to go in on Old Bogangar Road, (Tweed Coast Road) opposite the proposed Kings Forrest development. This site backs right onto the creek with only about 10 metres of separation. This runs a great chance of pollution to the creek which is such a draw card to the area for tourists and locals alike. The Creek features in lots of Real Estate and Tourist sites and holds great memories for all of us. There are more than enough petrol stations in the area. This proposed site is right beside the farm that my 96 year old Uncle and my cousin run. This farm was bought by my Grandfather when my Uncle was about 4. The proposed site is also opposite the house i grew up in which now has the 3 generations of our family living in it including my 90 year old father. We, along with everyone else who lives or has lived in that area do not want a 24 hour servo along with the fast food outlets that are proposed to go with it. Where I currently live Servos are a target for hold ups and ram raids. Do you want this in Cudgen? I sure don’t and i know our family and neighbors do not want this. Please make your feelings known to your council members. This must be stopped.”

  13. Trish says:

    Disgusted, greed, greed greed! There are koalas on Palmer’s and next door to Palmers.

  14. David Field says:

    Another Service station is not needed. This proposed development should not be approved. Why does the Land and Environment Court often uphold developer wishes ahead of community concers? Wrong place for a petrol station.

  15. Chris Eaton says:

    The local populace have had enough of Leda and their drive to change the area forever. We neither need or want fast food chains and fuel outlets adjoining sensitive natural environment. Bob Ell has little respect or sympathy with the communities in which he develops. One glance at Leda’s website tells you that their sole aim is to maximise profits for their shareholders. There is no mention anywhere of their desire to work in harmony with the environment or the people that live there.
    The original application was for a rural supplies building. Not much profit in that, so the application suddenly becomes 6 food outlets (2 drive through) a car wash, and a petrol station. What Bob Ell wants, Bob Ell gets.
    It takes strong leadership to protect beautiful regions and keep them beautiful. Leda doesn’t really care. The problem is that unless you live next to where the application is taking place no one hears about it until it’s a done deal. Byron Bay has been done to death. Now it’s Tweeds turn.

  16. Vicky Harden says:

    The service station and food outlets are totally unnecessary as there are already several in close proximity.
    This area is significant farmland and wetland habitat and I am concerned that Cudgen creek and subsequently Cudgen lake could be degraded which could prove disastrous to already stressed eco systems.

  17. Stop raping our environment! We have more than enough of these services in the area. It’s a shame that it’s all about the filthy dollar. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE POLLUTION.

  18. Brie says:

    There is no need for this service station to be built here! There are so many close by. This will destroy the bush land area and our beautiful creek not to mention the wildlife. This huge mistake needs to be stopped before it does any damage.

  19. Peter McAlpin says:

    I’m writing to voice my concern for the proposed development of a service station right next to Cudgen Creek. This is a popular recreational waterway that flows directly onto Kingscliff Beach.
    The area is also a habitat for a range of species.Runoff from this service station and the noise and litter associated with it pose a real threat to this environment.
    The development will also significantly degrade the living conditions of nearby residents.

  20. Renae Fegent says:

    Please, NO service station!

  21. Scott King says:

    We don’t need another service station on coast road. We have 2 at Chinderah 2 in Hastings point and another on the highway. This is just ridiculous. If the state government passes this you will not be getting my vote ever again…. protect our waterways and my children’s future.

  22. Danielle Driver says:

    This has to be a bad joke!! How irresponsible can our Council be??

    This is taken from the Council’s own website:

    “Council implements projects to protect and improve the environmental condition of natural waterways throughout the Shire.” I think NOT!
    And this:
    “Water is a scarce and essential natural resource. Conserving and maintaining water quality is especially important in Australia, the world’s driest inhabited continent. Preventing or reducing water pollution protects our water quality and is essential to maintaining the health of our environment and our own quality of life.”

    And then they decided it was a good idea to approve a PETROL STATION on top of and along side a waterway!!! REALLY???????

  23. suzanne proudfoot says:

    We DONOT need another petrol station on Cudgen Road, Kings Forest. At present there are 6 stations ALREADY here… all within a 10km radius!! Plenty of outlets for the residents of this area. Major ENVIRONMENTAL disasters can occur from putting an outlet here as well. Firstly its right in middle of a KOALA corridor and does not support the signage that currently exists there “koala crossings” and wildlife tunnel beneath the road.
    The WORST case scenario is that it is on the bend of CUDGEN CREEK…an environmentally sensitive ecosystem that will die given the petroleum and chemicals that will undoubtedly leak and run off into it. Not to mention the noise and traffic hazards that will arise in this compact area.
    As a user of the creek and surrounding bushland I was APPALLED that anyone would suggest such a business being established here. Definitely bad decision making by so called ENVIRONMENTALISTS (Land & Environment Court) who.. if this is allowed…are NOT protecting our environment and obviously DON’T care about us the long term residents of this area who donot want to RUIN and POLLUTE our beautiful region.

  24. Trent says:

    Disgusted 😡 Too many already! Shit town planning

  25. Helen Mclean says:

    Please please think about our children’s future. There are already two service stations on the coast road. We then have another two at Chinderah and one on the highway. We dont need to contaminate our environment any more. I used to travel the coast road and see wallabies, bush turkeys, Eagles but not now.

  26. Rebecca says:

    One of the most beautiful natural waterways in our region. You putting this natural resource at risk purely for commercial gain is criminal. History willremember you all, it won’t be kind to these sorts of legacies. Rethink this decision now.

    We must move away from fossil fuel reliance. Be the leader we need, prioritise natural protection and the rights of future generations to inherit a thriving ecosystem. Be the bloody change.

  27. Owen mulheron says:

    Think about the environment before you think about money, you hungry peasants

  28. Janice Aldridge says:

    As a local resident I am quite horrified that this service station is proposed on this site … this creek, this waterway is an important part of our ecosystem …. moving as it does from the lake out towards the ocean. where people live, work, and play. Cudgen Creek is an asset to our community – and we must protect it. Let’s look to the future and see what green resources we can create here on our beautiful Tweed Coast. what a great testament this would be to our community and the values and ideals we hold here.
    We have adequate numbers of fuel suppliers in this area with no need to put the environment of this creek under pressure.
    It is also concerning in regards to the traffic in this spot – again, we have adequate service stations to not be putting traffic flow and lives at risk by building a service station in this spot.

  29. Donna Freriechs says:

    I feel the decision to build another service station in this area (that is not needed in the first place) is totally ignorant of the fact that the land will be forever contaminated, every service station has spills & leaks.
    People over flowing there fuel tanks the list is endless, so where does this contaminate go? into the soil & eventually into the water table.
    Even with strict controls on clean ups they still rely on the integrity of the person doing the cleaning.
    It strikes me that there are a lot of greedy shareholders & uncaring developers involved , that basically say” to hell with the environment it wont matter when were gone.” What about the next generations ???

  30. Phill donaldson says:

    Please do not let this happen a development of this type so close to a waterway of this type is only asking for an environmental damage of some sort miner or major will still be a problem for all or futures

  31. Sonita Hintz says:

    We had a service station at Cabarita Beach which obviously wasn’t too important being that it was knocked down for Woolworths to come in, why is there now an urgency for one to be built at Kings Forest when there are already service stations at Hastings Point, Chinderah, Kingscliff and newly built Melaleuca, I think Kings Forest is just the next step to destroying some of the last remaining bush land in the area due to council greed really. People are becoming lazy if its too hard to go down the road for something, Casurina is only the beginning of the eyesore that Tweed council has created. I thought the future was to make more public transport to aide in the reduction of fossil fuels but again convenience and money are making way for these ridiculous developments. No to even needing a servo there and no to putting one there.

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