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  1. Helen Dobra says:

    I would like to plant the seed for the biggest no CSG rally ever! We need mass mobilization and support around Australia, where media, politicians, general public will have to take note. It would be great if a convoy of supporters traveled on a particular route around Australia (particularly areas where CSG is proposed) and then finally ended on the BIG Day in front of parliament house in Canberra, with all the other supporters who have come from far afield. On the same day it would be ideal to have protesters in front of local government buildings all around Australia. Lets lock in a date?

  2. admin says:

    hi crystal

    since you asked so nicely, we’ll gonna delegate someone this weekend to contact you re: beginnings of NRG

    3 cheers

  3. Nigel Greenup says:

    I am aware that a former NSW National Parks North Coast (Coffs Harbour) Zone Manager and then former Qld National Parks Service (NPS) Executive Director (and I believe his former boss in Qld NPS) are now employed by Santos. I guess Santos has done its homework and is relying upon the knowledge and contacts of these esteemed gentlemen to assist their passage through the complex halls of government.
    I can assure you that Santos (and other mining companies) have been preparing for this for years, and they will not be easily deterred.

    • Denise Ewin says:

      Hi Nigel. That doesn’t mean we have to make it easy for them either. People are now finally becoming aware and people power can be very strong. I realise how powerful these people are and I know you are right in what you say, but we have to try and keep trying. I also realise that the mining companies are very clever in their approach and use of the “right” people.

  4. liz walker says:

    Please can someone tex me their phone number as my email is not working, I really need to speak to someone about the fracking. Thank you so much, my number is #######.

    Hi Liz

    Thanks gor getting in touch with us from Tasmania. It was great to tealk to you yesterday. I will email you the materials I proisedover the next day or so.


  5. Gita says:

    Anyone have a copy of today’s (20th) Sydney Daily Telegraph? I’m told that Santos has a big advertisement … along the lines of the TV ad … in it. The farmer is named as is the area he lives.

  6. Denise says:

    How do I post an article on the Media page please? I found an interesting article in the SMH January 2011.

    • macca_mm says:

      Hi Denise

      You can’t post anything to the media page. It is actually a place for us to post our media releases.

      If you find a page where the article is relevant you can post a link as a comment and we will add it to the site .


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