It is happening at gloucester now! Go if u can.

the friendly dogdan

 Tina and Marnie -marnie is loocked on AGL ‘s gate- nd  Dan- locked on the AGL fracking rig at GLOUCESTER.                                                                                                                      

 This is what it takes to save the EARTH , it is what love looks like.

  VIA :The Woop Woop March today at 5 pm.



This could be it folks, the new frontline is forming at Gloucester as you read this. This photo shows one brave man locked to the undercarriage of the Halliburton Fracking Rig. This is happening right now and this is all that standing in the way of the Manning Valley being fracked. There is no going back, no rehabilitation, we have to stop it now!
It’s not just about Gloucester, it’s about our food security. Gloucester is where AGL have been trialing GM Triticale crops irrigated with “produced water”- yes, the toxin filled water thst is drawn from the coal seam and can contain heavy metals, b-tex chemicals, arsenic, chromium, etc, etc. These crops are then being fed to dairy cows with no testing of the cows of the milk. Straight into your food chain.
If ever there was a time to take a stand it’s now. If you can possibly get to Gloucester to lend a hand, I know you grandchildren will thank you. Please help!

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