ENOVA! the new renewable energy retailer for us

Sebastien Sledge, Northern Rivers Guardians

On Tuesday 11th August I went to the incredible launch in Lismore of a local renewable energy retailer named Enova!

This company will be owned by locals and designed to encourage local renewable growth and give people a better price for power.

This will keep tens of millions of dollars in our local economy and create many local jobs not to mention the growing of real green power locally.

Let’s literally take the power back!

Enova must be a minimum of 51% locally owned but can be much more, as locals will get first preference. This is the start of something really big and progressive! We must do this as it will not happen without us. WE NEED TO DO THIS as our government won’t and are not governing for us or our greater good.

As I understand it, Enova will have a number or different arms. A not-for-profit arm that will help support people in the community who can’t afford to go renewable.

A future finance arm that will help finance these and more local renewable project.

A retail arm that will sell equipment and advise customers on products that are best for them.

An electricity distribution arm that will buy locally-produced power and true Australian green power and sell power for a cheaper price.

No other energy retailer compares! As it is now, out of 130,000 local residential electricity consumers 91% of them are powered by fossil fuel generation (81% are Origin customers). All the energy providers to date use dirty fossil fuels.

Even Powershop has its pitfalls. Powershop is 51% owned by the New Zealand government and they have been involved with fracking for many years.

Just imagine that if we gained 20% of the local electricity market that would equal 60 million dollars a year staying in our local area. THIS IS A WIN / WIN for all locals and the environment…including employment opportunity for young people as many trades will be needed across the field. This is a game changer and once set up we can expand into other communities or help them set up similar projects. Others the world over have done this, now it’s our turn!
This is the alternative to CSG and fossil fuel generation.

Please help share info about Enova. They/we initially need investors to make this happen. The Prospectus is already available and can be downloaded online. Purchase shares to be part of this.

Find out when they are visiting your town.

Enova’s web page http://www.enovaenergy.com.au/


or on  Facebook

Tweed presentation will be at Canvas and Kettle in the Shire Council chambers in Mur’bah from 5:30 to 6:30 PM on Friday 14th August.

The Enova team will be at Birth & Beyond in Nimbin on Wednesday 9th September from 6:30 pm.

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