president’s letter to hartcher

Dear Minister,
I wonder what incentive you have for the incredible comments you made in the Daily Telegraph : Not one unsafe gas well we can point to ?
There is an entire movie about unsafe gas wells in the USA called Gaslands. I suppose from your comments you haven’t seen this, or the many similar docos filmed in Australia. Don’t you know about the Condamine River boiling like a pot on the stove? Or the results of the SCU fugitive methane study. Or the toxic materials dumped/leaking in the Pillaga?
NSW is vitally concerned for the health and well-being of our community. Have you listened to the stories of people whose health was damaged by gasfield development near Chinchilla, Queensland ?
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  1. Shane says:

    Thanks for sending this Scott. Well done.

    Just a thought:
    I noted you used the word “boiling” re condamine river. It may be best to use the term “bubbling” in future (more accurate), to ensure they can’t accuse us of misinformation.


    Shane Adams

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