From Sebastien Sledge

I went to an energy forum in Lismore on Friday 31st May… Really interesting stuff:
if we don’t push for renewables now WE WILL PAY HEAPS MORE FOR ELECTRICITY soon. one example is; $250 MILLION for a new electricity line IN THIS AREA that lock us in for 30 years plus contract to buy dirty coal power stopping us from adapting to the ever- widening and emerging renewable energy opportunities, restricting us for decades to come! Our government is slamming the door in the faces of investors that are willing, able and waiting to build a variety of clean renewable power stations by not letting them access the public infrastructure grid, but instead are currently letting private dirty polluting energy corporations use our poles and wires and have their way with us.

We need to lead by example and make our own community owned and operated clean power generations stations like in Wildpoldsried, Germany where in just ten short years they were able to not only provide themselves with 100% of their power needs but also to produce an excess of 221% …totalling 321% of self generated renewable power! They sell their excess power which bring in extra money for their community and thus creates a lot of their own jobs for themselves in the process.

We no longer need to primitively dig holes in the ground in search of out-dated fossil fuels. The big lie/myth is that mining sector keeps this country afloat; this is simply not true. Statistics show all mining totals about 6-8% of this country’s Gross Domestic Product and only employ 2-3% of our workers, and how much of that money stays in Australia?!?

Mining threatens most of our other industries like; Tourism, farming, manufacturing ect.. which are way more valuable and not worth losing over out-dated blinded- by- greed short sighted old ways of thinking.

Renewables also have the opportunity to create many more ongoing jobs. If we are going to survive as a civilisation we need to act bloody soon as it’s not too late, but a 2-3 degree global temperature increase could quite possibly be the end game for us all… ! BOOM BABY!

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  1. Peter says:

    Hi Sebastien,

    I am 100% for renewables as well, no question.

    But with all respect, the numbers provided from Germany are simply totally wrong! I am German and I read the German news.

    Germany does NOT have 100% green energy.

    Their base load is still about 25% of (very) dirty brown coal! About 20% other coal, 16% nuclear, 11% gas. Renewables ar only about 20% (3.4% hydro, 7.4% wind, 4.5% photovoltaic, 5.8% biogas), details here

    The numbers you are talking about that there are sometimes peaks of PV energy, but only when in most of Germany the sun is shining (and the weather is usually quite bad, one reason I live here). Then they have more energy than they can consume and sell it to the neighbours in Europe.

    The downside of the massive German substitutes into solar PV electricity is that electricity costs are now much higher (the have guaranteed feed in tariffs for many years!) and poor people which can’t afford PV have to pay these costs. Again the poor feed the rich!

    Yes let’s go with our locally green power stations, I recently got a 10kW solar PV system install where I consume only 20% and feed the other 80% back into the grid.

    So don’t believe the Germany green energy wonder, it does not exists. The fancy numbers you always hear are out of context.

    Yes, Germany have built lots of local wind and solar PV in the last 10 years. But again look at the numbers it’s together only about 12%.

    Best regards

    • Caroline says:

      Hi Peter

      I may be muddled somewhere but my reading of Sledge’s info is that he is only referring to the village of Wildspoldsfried. He does not say that the whole of Germany’s electricity is generated from renewable sources.



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